The Coronavirus and the Class Character of German Politics

The Pope, former UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon, Madonna and many others are in agreement: we’re all in the same boat with regard to the ‘Corona crisis’. But as the saying goes, ‘some are rowing while others steer the boat’. This article looks at German policies during the crisis from the perspective of how they […]

Dominic Scummings

Dominic Cummings. Typing the name causes an involuntary shiver of disgust. Cummings is currently the Chief Adviser to UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Cummings was also the campaign director of the successful Vote Leave (pro-Brexit) campaign, and a special adviser to Michael Gove between 2007 and 2014. Some credentials. Despite often portraying himself – as […]

Macron, the COVID 19 Crisis and Class Resistance in France

Interview with John Mullen (JM) carried out by International Socialists in the Netherlands (IS) IS : I think it’s important to start off with the current crisis. Can you say something about what’s been happening in France?  JM: The virus in France has killed nearly 30 000 people, but the sanitary and the economic  effect of the […]

Solidarity from Brandenburg farmers in times of corona

Why this article? I decided to write this article in an attempt to bring a voice of encouragement and cohesion, as well as a voice from the farming community, to the table, given the fear and confusion now being experienced by so many. There is a simple explanation why I am writing as a farmer: […]