Palestinian solidarity and repression in Germany
  • The 20th of May saw Nakba day demonstrations banned in Berlin, and the one held by the Jewish Voice for Peace repressed by the police. Before the only allowed demonstration, activists came together to discuss the history of Palestinian repression in Germany,
    With Ramsy Kilani and Anne-Esther Younes

Eyewitness Report from Palestine
  • Julia Kaiser was part of a delegation of Germans and other internationals who toured the West Bank this summer. She explains her experiences with photos and videos from the trip. Julia is joined by Fida’a Al-Zannin, who talks about Gaza.

    Event organised by Die Linke Berlin LAG Internationals. Video: Tom Wills.

Berlin protest for human rights in Egypt
  • As world leaders gather for the COP27 Summit, activists from groups including Extinction Rebellion call to unite the struggles for climate justice and against repression around the world.

Social Movements in South Korea
  • Speaker: Bori, from Seoul, South Korea, and currently a member of Platform C (
    17 October 2022, Café Karanfil in Berlin

Angela Davis Speaks at Oranienplatz, Berlin 2022
  • Angela Davis returns to Berlin to celebrate our resistance and to continue to support our struggles. Seven years ago, she visited Berlin to speak to activists who occupied the O-Platz and Gerhart-Hauptmann-Schule.

Press conference: Angela Davis, Napuli Langa, Jennifer Kamau
  • As part of the festival of International Women* Space e. V., Black activist and civil rights activist Angela Davis will hold a press conference on the racist treatment of BIPOC refugees with activist Napuli Langa and IWS co-founder Jennifer Kamau on 06.10.2022 at 10 am at Oranienplatz, Berlin.

Wahlrecht für Alle (Voting Rights for Everyone) action
  • Wahlrecht für Alle poster action on 14th September 2022 (night before the Day of Democracy in Berlin)

Free Alaa Berlin protest
  • Activists outside the British Embassy in August 2022, demanding freedom for imprisoned revolutionary activist Alaa Abd el-Fattah. Info: Video: Tom Wills

BIPoC_Ukraine. Equal rights for all refugees from Ukraine!
  • All across Germany, BIPoC refugees from Ukraine have been organising together against the federal government's racist migration policy!

    Please share this video far & wide, and please sign our petition and share it:

Stolen Cameras Fundraiser
  • Join us in supporting a people that never gets any attention in the media and help them get the tools to share their story. Your donation will make an impact whether you donate a lot or a little. Anything helps. Thank you for your support. Learn about the campaign and the Sahrawis at

Resisting the Russian Invasion of Ukraine. Voices from Eastern Europe
  • Meeting at the Berlin LINKE Internationals Summer Camp, Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf, Saturday 25th June 2022.

    * Sascha (member of Feminist Anti-War Resistance & Left Activist)
    * Oksana Dutchak (Deputy Director, Centre for Social and Labour Research, Kyiv).

    Special thanks to Sam Ainsworth.

Can Israel’s Left be part of the liberation of Palestine?
  • Speakers Michael Sappir from Jewish-Israeli Dissent Leipzig, renowned historian Ilan Pappé and Maayan Ashash from Jüdischer antifaschistischer Bund

How Can the Left Win (Again)?
  • Speakers:

    Sahar Mohsenzada, KPÖ, Austria, local councillor in Graz

    Marc Botenga, PTB/PvdA, Belgium, Member of the European Parliament

    Pablo Abufom Silva, Chilean activist and translator

    Organised by Die Linke Berlin Internationals

Danièle Obono: Austerity, racism and resistance
  • Video of the meeting in Afrika Haus, Saturday 5th Match 2020

Come to the Demonstration for Western Sahara. Berlin, 6th November
  • More information about the demo:

Berlin Gorillas riders protest after company fires workers on strike
  • Gorillas riders in Berlin explain why they are on strike

Vote Ja for Expropriation on Sunday, 26th September
  • Campaign Video from Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen

How can non-Germans get involved in Berlin politics: The experiments of Right2TheCity
  • Meeting with Adelaide Ivánova at the LINKE Internationals Summer Camp at the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf, 4th September 2021

    More videos:

Non-Germans and the Coming Elections
  • Meeting with Ferat Kocak and Franziska Brychcy

    at die LINKE Berlin Internationals Summer Camp, Sunday 5th September 2021

Summer Camp 2021 – the movie
  • Video of the Berlin LINKE Internationals Summer Camp - 4th-5th September 2021, Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf

Coalition governments – the experience of the international left
  • LINKE Berlin Internationals Meeting on Tuesday, 20th July 2021 in Karl Liebknecht Haus

    with Carmela Negrete, Ciarán Dold and Jorinde Schulz

Saxony-Anhalt Election Results: An Omen?
  • Victor Grossman's Berlin Bulletin #190

Jewish Activist SLAMS Germany’s Media Over Israel-Palestine
  • Berlin Bulletin #189 - video version by Victor Grossman

Discussing Palestine in Germany
  • with Haneen Zoabi, Susan Neiman and Christine Buchholz. This is a video organised by the Berlin LINKE Internationals on 17th May 2021

May 1 Protests in Berlin
  • Activists Explain International Workers' Day 2021

Berlin rent cap overturned: what next? #Mietendeckel
  • Wenke Christoph, state secretary for housing in Berlin, explains how rent controls worked and the future for affordable homes in the city. Interview by Michael Walker on Novara Media, broadcast 16 April 2021.

Covid-19 – A Socialist Response
  • with Rob Wallace, Gizem Fesli, and Vitor Guimarães
    7 April 2021

Gentrification: are non-Germans to blame?
  • meeting with:
    * Joanna Kusiak (Deutsche Wohnen & Co. Enteignen)
    * Karen Nafersky (housing activist in Brooklyn)
    * Hülya Kilic (housing activist in Kreuzberg)
    Chair: Jaime Martinez Porro (IU Exterior)
    Monday, 15th March 2021

Ten Years North African Revolutions with Hossam el-Hamalawy
  • This is a video of our public meeting with Hossam el-Hamalawy, Egyptian journalist and activist from 9 February 2021.

Why abortion rights are under attack in Poland, Brazil and the USA
  • This meeting took place on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

Video – International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
  • by the Left in the European Parliament

Stop the 140m Amazon Tower & HQ in Berlin
  • Video by Berlin vs. Amazon

The Left and the 2020 US Presidential Election
  • Meeting on 30 October 2020 with Ted Knudsen (DSA Berlin), Jeremy Osborne (DSA Berlin) and Hanna Grześkiewicz (LINKE Berlin Internationals).
    Moderation: Michelle Haynor (DSA Berlin)

Church Tax, German Food and New Years Eve in Berlin
  • This performance by Jacinta Nandi took place at the LINKE Berlin Internationals Summer Camp in Hermsdorf. Saturday, 12th September 2020

Fighting ‘LGBT-Free Zones’ in Poland
  • Talk given by Kamille Piechaczyk at Summer Camp 2020

Rule of Law and Law Enforcement in France
  • Online meeting with French MP Daniele Obono and Jerome Bachelier (both from La France Insoumise) Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

Occupation, Annexation and Racism: Where is Israel going under Netanyahu?
  • Building Palestine Solidarity in Germany and Worldwide

    with Shir Hever, Nora Rajab and Ramsis Kiliani

    Video of the meeting jointly organised by the LINKE Berlin Internationals, the Jüdische Stimme / Jewish Voice for Peace and Palästina Spricht / Palestine speaks on 13 July 2020

Ten Years after the Arab Spring: New Insurgencies in the Arab World
  • An Online meeting organised by the Berlin LINKE Internationals with - Maya Zebdawi (Lebanon) - Hamza Hamouchene (Algeria) - Shadia Abdelmoneim (Sudan)
    Moderation: Phil Butland
    22nd June 2020

The Coronavirus in Gaza, Spain and New York
  • Video from our Online meeting on 15 April 2020

Citizenship and racist violence
  • Meeting of the LINKE Berlin Internationals 23 March 2020 with Jagat Sohail (Berlin for India) and Antony Hamilton (LINKE Berlin Internationals)

Gaza solidarity protest in Berlin
  • Solidarity with Gaza from Berlin - Palestine Speaks protest, 16 November 2019

Victor Grossman presents his book “A Socialist Defector”
  • 3 October 2019 in the Roter Laden, Friedrichshain

Kämpfe und Herausforderungen in Europa
  • Kämpfe und Herausforderungen in Europa mit Özlem Demirel, Maria Martinez und Antigoni Ntonti 11th May 2019

Haneen Zoabi: The Middle East after the Knesset elections
  • Meeting on 10 May 2019 in Berlin

What’s Left of the Arab Spring? with Hossam el-Hamalawy (full meeting)
  • What's Left of the Arab Spring? Meeting with Hossam el-Hamalawy, Karl Liebknecht Haus Berlin 28th January 2019

Andrej Hunko MdB and Julie Ward MEP discuss Brexit
  • Julie Ward MEP (Labour, Great Britain) and Andrej Hunko MP (Die LINKE, Germany) discuss Brexit, 12th September 2018