About Us

The Left Berlin is a community of international progressives in Berlin. We run an online journalism project hosting a range of left-wing perspectives in English, as well as collaborating on progressive campaigns and events in the city. The site is run by a team of volunteer editors, writers and translators.

We send out regular weekly newsletters with a digest of leftist politics around the city. It’s a great way to keep an overview of what’s happening and how you can stay active regardless of what your cause is.

This project emerged from the Berlin LINKE Internationals and maintains close links but the site has editorial autonomy and attempts to reflect a range of debate on the left.

Get Involved!

We always need volunteers to join our team of editors, translators, writers, co-ordinators, tech and social media people. We welcome work from experienced writers as well people with less experience. Our editorial team can help you develop your ideas.

If you have an article idea or want to get involved get in touch. You can read some guidelines about articles here.

Events and Campaigns

As well as organising our own events we help promote the work of other organisations in Berlin. Visit our Campaigns of the Week and Events in Berlin pages to find out more.

Donate and help us spread the word

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The Left Berlin Editorial Board

The members of the current theleftberlin editorial board are listed here.