More Events in Berlin

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This is a summary of demos, meetings and other Events that may be interesting to an international audience. For a shorter list of upcoming events from our friends and partners in Berlin see here.


Thursday 27th April – Tuesday 20th October

Remembering O-Platz – A Exhibition by IWS, FHXB Museum


Saturday, 9th September – Sunday 15th October

Exhibition: 50 Years Putsch in CHile, Museum of Capitalism


Tuesday 19th – Friday 29th September

5pm, Illiberal Realities exhibition, Brunnenstraße 9


Friday, 29th September

5.30pm, Demo for Artsakh, Hermannplatz


Saturday 30th September – Sunday 1st October

Socialism in Our Time conference, oyoun


11am, Harvesting Resilience – workshop on guerilla gardening, Anita-Berber-Park (Saturday), oyoun garden (Sunday)


Saturday, 30th September

12 noon, bicycle demonstration against the US blockade of Cuba, Stavanger Straße 20


2pm Pop-Up Event for Statue for Peace, Bremer Str. 41


from 2.30pm, Festival against right wing violence, Greifswalder Straße


5.30pm, Demo – Fight Fortress Europe, Olympiastadion


8pm, Soli-dance for a Soli-bus, Regenbogenfabrik


Sunday, 1st October

midday, Solidarity demonstration with Poland, Pariser Platz


Monday, 2nd October

7pm, LINKE Internationals Planning meeting and Discussion of the invasion of Ukraine, Schierker Straße 26


Friday, 6th October

8pm, Soli-Rave against the A100 motorway, Mensch Meier


Saturday 7th – Sunday 8th October

Harvesting Resilience – workshop on guerilla garden, Treptower Park (Saturday) and Oyoun garden (Sunday)


Thursday, 12th October

7pm, Bernie Sanders: it’s ok to be mad at capitalism, Haus der Kulturen der Welt


Friday, 13th October – Saturday 14th October

Conference, What’s next for Berlin’s tech works councils?, Paula Thiede Ufer 10


Sunday, 15th October

9am. First aid course for refugees in English or German, Haus der Demokratie und Menschenrechte


2pm, Walking Tour: 1968 in West Berlin, Amerika Haus


Monday, 23rd October

7pm, Ongoing Decolonisation: France’s Economic and Political Interests in West Africa, Karl Liebknecht Haus


Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th June 2024

LINKE Internationals Summer Camp, Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf