More Events in Berlin

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This is a summary of demos, meetings and other Events that may be interesting to an international audience. For a shorter list of upcoming events from our friends and partners in Berlin see here.


Friday, 2nd February – Sunday, 10th March

We Who Move The World Forward – Voices of resistance in Germany’s migration histories, ACUD Galerie


Tuesday, 20th February – Tuesday 5th March

Exhibition, on Berthold Brecht, rosa luxemburg stiftung


Tuesday 20th February – Sunday 30th June

Exhibition: Audrey Lorde – the Berlin Years, FHXB museum


Friday 1st – Saturday 2nd March

8pm, Court Fantasies, Ballhaus Ost


Saturday. 2nd March

Bicycle demo – bring in the mobility law, stop the A100, Invalidenpark


2pm, Demo – Global South Resists, Neptunenbrunnen


2pm, Walk against Tesla, Fangschleuse station


Thursday, 7th March

5pm. Demo for Street Kids, S-Bahn Warschauer Straße


5pm, Expropriate the Patriarchy, Rosa Luxemburg Platz


Friday, 8th March

11.30am, DGB demo for International Women’s Day, Oranienplatz


2pm, Revolutionary Women’s Day demonstration, Unter den Linden 21


2pm, Subculture Against Patriarchy demo and Afterparty, Ostbahnhof



7pm, Palestine Reading Group #13 – Palestinians in the Diaspora, Nansenstraße 2


Friday, 15th March

7pm. Film and Discussion: The Hungarian Playbook, filmArche


Sunday, 17th March

2pm, Walking Tour – (Antip)Colonialism in Berlin, Akademie der Kunst


7pm, Palestine Reading Group, Nansenstraße 2


Tuesday, 19th March

6.30pm, Revolutionary Readers: A FLINTA* book club on leftist revolutions around the world


Friday, 22nd March

7pm, Neosovereignism in the West African Sahel: Burkina Faso, Mali and Niger, Karl Liebknecht Haus


Sunday, 24th March

7pm, Palestine Reading Group, Nansenstraße 2


Sunday, 31st March

7pm, Palestine Reading Group, Nansenstraße 2


Friday 12th – Sunday 14th April

Palestine Conference


Wednesday, 24th April

6pm, Free Mumia bicycle demo, Syndikat


Saturday, 11th May

8pm, Gyrovision 2024, organised by Corner Späti, Lahnstraße 25


Friday 17th – Saturday 18th May

International People’s Tribunal for War Crimes


Saturday 29th – Sunday 30th June 2024

LINKE Internationals Summer Camp, Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf