Readings on Palestine

Every week, on alternate Fridays and Sundays, The Left Berlin hosts a reading group on different topics related to Palestine. This is a collection of the topics and readings that we’ve covered so far, which we are continually updating.

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What is Zionism?

Suggested Reading

  • We Are Conquerors Adam Shatz, London Review of Books- (review of David Ben Gurion’s biography, background on Zionism and the founding of Israel)
  • Ilan Pappé, The Idea of Israel, Chapter 1 “The ‘Objective’ History of the Land and People” p 14- 21
  • Ilan Pappé, The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine, chapter 2 ‘The Drive for an exclusively Jewish State’, p 10-29

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Palestinian Resistance

Suggested Reading

Supplementary Reading

  • “Comes a Time We Are All Enthusiasm”: Understanding Palestinian Suicide Bombers in Times of Exighophobia (Ghassan Hage)
  • Israeli Control and Palestinian Resistance (Fouad Moughrabi)
  • Hamas Contained (see link above) (Chapter 2: Military Resistance Comes Undone, Chapter 3: The Politics of Resistance, and Conclusion: Containment and Pacification)

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German Memory Culture

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The One State and Two State Solutions

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Short articles

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And if you really want to follow the discussion, we recommend this book

  • Edward W. Said The End of the Peace Process. Oslo and After


The Arab States and the Arab Street

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Who are the Agents who can bring about change?

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Why do the US and Europe fund Israel?

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Post-colonialism, colonialism and settler colonialism

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Countering common narratives

NOTE: these are pro-Israel texts which we want to answer

Recommended Reading

The Israel Project’s 2009 Global Language Dictionary

  • Chapter 3, How to talk about Palestinian self government and prosperity, pp. 22-32
  • Chapter 4, Isolating Iran-backed Hamas as an obstacle to peace, pp. 33 – 38
  • Chapter 6, Gaza: Israel’s right to self defense and defensible borders, pp. 45-58
  • Appendix 1, The toughest questions, pp. 103-106

Examples of Brand Israel

Matti Friedman, An insider’s guide to the most important story on earth,

Creative Community for Peace, The truth about the BDS movement

Hillel Neuer, The Jew Among nations – Israel and the UN, 2022 – YouTube or podcast

Yossi Klein Halevi, What Israelis fear the world does not understand

Howard Jacobson, The founding of Israel wasn’t a colonial act,

Hamas Raped Me Too website [content note: images of bound and gagged woman in blood soaked trousers in distress in video on home page]

Deborah Lipstadt and Michèle Taylor, Israeli women and girls have suffered horrific sexual violence from Hamas. where is the outrage?

Reading in German (please use DeepL or another online translation service if needed)

Additional resources

  • Anne Herzberg and Olga Meshoe Washington, Debunking the Apartheid Lie, YouTube or podcast

  • Scroll through headlines on the Israel21c website homepage which works with the Israeli Foreign Ministry to focus attention on ‘the 21st century Israel that exists beyond the conflict’ so that by ‘promoting positive images of Israel and Israelis, people will come to view Israelis as more like themselves and understand the relevance of Israel to their own lives’

For a (perhaps unnecessarily) deeper dive


How other Colonies were liberated

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Violence of the Oppressed

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The Israeli “Left”

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