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The working class and the left. What kind of party do we need

Recently a debate opened up in a pro-Syriza paper [EfSyn, The Journal of the Editors] and initiated by Journalist Tasos Pappas.  It is a debate about the nature of the party that the left needs.  In the aftermath of the Syriza capitulation and as the New Democracy right party is again in power.  This is a response from the comrades of SEK.

Six Months of Rio Governor Witzel in the Favelas, Part 2: Economic and Social Development

This is the second installment in a two-part article monitoring the actions of Rio de Janeiro Governor Wilson Witzel since taking office, focusing on public security, governance, and social and economic development. Witzel was elected last October on a public security-driven campaign, promising to “protect police from potential conviction,” raising the question of who would benefit from said security. […]

At last a large-scale fightback against islamophobia in France?

Islamophobia is hitting the headlines again in France, as over 20 000 marched joyfully against it in Paris on Sunday, singing and chanting, backed by major trade unions and radical Left parties. Are we finally seeing a real shift in the dreadful politics of the French Left on islamophobia? A huge row about Islam and racism […]