Member Directory

Topsy Qur’et migrated to Berlin from the North East of England five years ago. He is an advocate of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and initiated the Tempehofer Feld Schachklubhaus.

Scott Holmquist is from Minnesota, Upper-Midwest USA. He is currently writing about how drug dealing, and other illegal drug work since the Sixties, disrupt capitalist social relations.

Janna Aljets was active for many years in the Climate Justice movement for Ende Gelände and Sand im Getriebe and has worked for the BUND, the rosa luxemburg stiftung and die LINKE in parliament. This subject which is currently close to her heart as a social-ecological change of transport policy in humane cities.

Didier Fagart writes for the website of the Association France Palestine Solidarité (AFPS) in France

The LAG Internationals aims at actively integrating non-German leftists into German politics, and to informing the German Left about international politics.

Ana Ferreira is a member of the editorial collective of The Left Berlin.

Ramsy Kilani is a German-Palestinian student in Siegen. He is a member of SDS.Die Linke.