Member Directory

Holly Johnston is an NHS Nurse based in Sheffield and is a founding member of NHS Workers Say No!

Emily Baumgartner is a Berlin-based American. She is a researcher, activist and volunteer supporting BIOPIC refugees. She is a writer, feminist and pro-Palestinian activist.

David Walters lives in the San Francisco Bay Area but grew up in New York. An active trade unionist in the power industry for 20 years he has been a revolutionary socialist almost his entire life.

Silke Mertins is a journalist for the taz newspaper

Dominic Bunnett is a mathematician based in Berlin. He is also interested in markets, data and postcolonial economic relations.

A life long Liverpool supporter who goes home and away, and a committee member of the Liverpool supporters, Spirit of Shankly Union.

Tom Bramble is an Australian socialists and journalist for Red Flag. He is the co-author, with Mick Armstrong, of the book 'The Fight for Workers’ Power: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in the 20th Century'

Sanaz Azimipour is an activist and co-founder of the campaign “not without us 14 percent”, advocating for voting rights for everyone. Her preferred writing topics are intersectionality and social justice.