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Richard Silverstein is a US-based independent journalist who publishes the Tikun Olam blog (, which exposes the secrets of the Israeli national security state, and examines Israel's relations with world Jewry, including issues of the Holocaust and anti-Semitism. He publishes at The New Arab, Middle East Eye and Jacobin Magazine.

Antifascist Europe is an antifascist research project spanning activist initiatives, journalists and researchers from around Europe who monitor the development and transnational networks of far-right and right-wing populist parties as well as white supremacist, neo-Nazi and fascist groups.

Prof. Dr. Werner Ruf is a former political scientist and peace researcher with a main focus on international relations

Veda Popovici works as an activist, theorist and artist, employing anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarianist, communal and decolonising practices. She founded Macaz, the Claca Centre, The Common Front for the Right to Housing and the Housing Block and is a part of the Political Art Gazette and Dysnomia collectives.

Amr M, a financial analyst from Egypt and in Berlin doing his masters degree in international finance. Amr participated in the 25th of January revolution and in the protests against the military coup.

Holly Johnston is an NHS Nurse based in Sheffield and is a founding member of NHS Workers Say No!

Emily Baumgartner is a Berlin-based American. She is a researcher, activist and volunteer supporting BIOPIC refugees. She is a writer, feminist and pro-Palestinian activist.