Member Directory

Asha is a human rights activist and musicologist from the Forest of Dean, UK. Currently residing in Germany.

Rob Hoveman is a doctoral student in philosophy at the Central European University in Vienna and a member of the SWP (UK). He writes on economics and is an enthusiastic fan of opera, football, cricket and walking in Yorkshire.

Rob Ferguson is a member of the SWP and an anti war activist.

He visited Ukraine in 2015 during the height of the conflict in the east of Ukraine. He also spent a year in Russia during the first war on Chechnya in the mid 1990s. He is on the national steering committee of the STWC.

He has written numerous articles on Ukraine and Russia including in the wars on Ukraine and Chechnya.

Andrei Belibou is a Romanian PhD candidate in Sociology at FU Berlin. He works on theories of identity politics, class, and capitalism.

Leandros Fischer is a scholar focussing on migration, left-wing movements, and international relations. He is based in Hamburg and assistant professor for international studies at Aalborg University in Denmark.

Noah is a graphic designer and activist from the UK. Now based in Berlin, he is active with Extinction Rebellion

Ken Hiebert took part in his first Vietnam demonstration in 1966. He remains active today in the Palestine solidarity movement, as well as in support of Syrian refugees.