Member Directory

Alicja Flizak is active in the Bündnis für Sexuelle Selbstbestimmung and the Polish-speaking queerfeminist collective CoLiberation. She is a sociologist working in the international department of DIE LINKE.

David Karvala has lived in Catalonia since 1993. He is a member of marx21 in the Spanish state and is one of the spokespeople of Unity Against Fascism and Racism

Luisa Fenizola is Public Policy Analyst and Community Reporting Coordinator at Rio-based NGO Catalytic Communities, which works with local favelas, and Master in International Relations with a focus on Conflict, Violence and Pacification.

Giorgos Pittas is a journalist for the workers solidarity newspaper in Athens and member of SEK (socialist workers party) in greece. He is also active in Keerfa (united against racism and racist threat).

Kirsty Pattison has lived in Berlin since 2018. She works in a Kindergarten and is a GEW Trade Union member