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Socialist Conference in Berlin


On Whitsun week-end (26th – 29th May), hundreds of activists from throughout Germany and beyond will come together in Berlin to discuss and network.

The Marxismuss conference begins on Friday with seminar day. Here, we take a full day to introduce different aspects of Marxist theory. On the following days, the conference offers over 100 meetings – a diverse and exciting programme of presentations, debates and panel discussions.

The conference is organised by the marx21 network. We want to contribute to strengthening the Left and die LINKE, so as to build an alternative power to capitalism.

You can find the full programme here. Most meetings will be in German, but the following are in English, or with translation into English:

  • Friday 11am, Marxist Content in Social Media withTarek Shalaby

  • Saturday 12 noon, Sudan – Between Revolution and Counterrevolution with Sara Abbas

  • Saturday 12 noon, Economic Crisis & Inflation – Analysis of the Global Economy with Michael Roberts

  • Saturday 3pm, Kurdistan: How can the Struggle for Freedom be successful? with Burak Demir and Azad Hawrami

  • Saturday 3pm, Philosophy and Revolution: What is the Dialectic? with Richard Donnelly

  • Saturday 5pm, The Struggle for National Liberation – a Step on the Way to Socialism? with Alex Callinicos

  • Saturday 7.30pm 75 Years Nakba: The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine with Ilan Pappe

  • Sunday 10am Israel‘s (Fascist) Government: What does it mean for Palestinians? with Hebh Jamaland Rob Ferguson

  • Sunday 10am The story of the occupation at GKN in Florence. On the status of the conversion project with Lukas Ferrari & Francesca Gabbriellini

  • Sunday 12 noon Between Catastrophe and Revolution – the Legacy of Mike Davis with Alex Callinicos

  • Sunday 12 noon Turkey after the Earthquake and the Elections with Burak Demir

  • Sunday 3pm Mass Strikes and Crisis in Britain and France – a Review with Ian Allinson & Joseph Choonara

The conference takes place in the Neues Deutschland building, Franz-Mehring Platz 1. You can register here. Tickets are also available on the door.

European Trade Union Network for Justice in Palestine

Trade Unions fighting for Palestine


The European Trade Union Network for Justice in Palestine (ETUN) was established at the end of 2016 to bring together unions across Europe to campaign for an end to European and corporate complicity with the occupation of Palestine. It has grown to become a network of approximately 35 unions.

The network has campaigned for the suspension of the EU-Israel Association Agreement, worked to highlight European corporate complicity, published important research on the impact of European complicity on decent work and run webinars and conferences including focusing on the situation from a workers’ rights perspective.

ETUN Palestine has also worked to strengthen the policy positions of the European trade union federations on Palestine and respond to the situation.  For this year the network is preparing a campaign highlighting the impact of Israel’s demolitions of Palestinian homes, schools and agricultural strictures on workers and their families in occupied Palestine.

MORE INFO ON our websitefacebook and twitter: @EtunPalestine

ETUC Congress Fringe Meeting in Berlin

At the European TUC Congress Berlin, the European Trade Union Network for Justice in Palestine is organising a fringe Event: Building Solidarity with Palestinian Workers. The meeting will be on Wednesday, May 24th from 12.30pm until 13.50pm. It is in the Holiday Inn Meeting Rooms I+II, Wanda-Kallenbach-Straße 2. Lunch will be provided.

Representatives of various European trade unions and Palestinian speakers will present the current situation of Palestinian workers under occupation, their ongoing struggle and the role of European trade unions in building support for Palestinian freedom and rights.

We will discuss what trade unionists can do in solidarity with Palestinian workers and present ongoing and new campaigns.

Moderator: Patricia McKeown (Trade Union Friends of Palestine/Irish Congress of Trade Unions)


  • Samia Al Botmeh – Birzeit University (online)
  • Werner Van Heetvelde – president of La Centrale Générale-FGTB (Belgium)
  • Sharon Sukhram – Trade Unions Congress  (UK)
  • Liv Tørres – Director International Department LO Norway
  • Saif Abukeshek – European Trade Union Network for Justice in Palestine

Walk of Care

March for Health on 12th May


WALK OF CARE for Health on 12th May, 3.30pm Invalidenpark

Next Friday is the International day of health workers. The WALK if CARE is taking to the streets for good and humanitarian health.

We finally need more personnel to adequately look after people needing health care. We need and end to the logic of profit in the health system, the exploitation of health workers, and the poverty spiral of people who need health care and their dependents.

● Come and show your solidarity

●  Join in. We will build a human chain and peacefully surround the health ministry.

● Dance with us. DJs and bands will be providing for a good gathering

Loud. Colourful. Unstoppable. The WALK OF Care Berlin is a political alliance fighting for a better health system in Germany. Ist activists include health workers, midwives and physiotherapists. Come to the demo on the International day of health care.

When: 12 May, 3.30pm

Where: Invalidenpark – Brandenburger Tor

More Information: Instagram: walkofcare. Telegram:

With different actions, the Walk of Care is campaigning for dignified health care and a just health system. As well as the annual demonstration on 12 May, we will be organising Health Slams, exhibitions and parties for networking.

Health finally needs recognition of health workers. If we don’t finally act there won’t be anyone left who wants to care, while increasingly more people need this care. Let us come together in solidarity, to demonstrate loudly, to dance, and to show that a besser system is possible.

Rheinmetall Entwaffnen

Demilitarize the weapons industry


9th May is the shareholders’ meeting of Rheinmetall, where the war corporation distributes the blood money it has earned from the sale of weapons, deadly ammunition and other war equipment in the world’s wars. As every year, the amount of profits from war and suffering will be announced on this day. And 2022 was a good year for the managers of death. While the champagne corks are still popping, we will be in the streets protesting.

The alliance “Rheinmetall Entwaffnen” opposes militarisation, rearmament and arms exports. It is committed to an intersectional and internationalist anti-militarism. We are working to build a diverse, broad movement against rearmament, arms production and war. In recent years, we have made our presence felt with mass actions of civil disobedience and blockades against the arms industry in Kassel, Oberndorf and Unterlüß, among other places.

War is the worst outbreak of violence of patriarchal capitalism. People are exploited, injured, and killed by the industrialised war machine. Survivors are often left speechless and actionless. As the binarisation of gender and gender roles takes place, so too does increasing violence, against LGBTQI+, against women, against children, against all who cannot or will not live conformist lives.

The so-called feminist foreign policy plans military interventions in the Global South to secure resources for a few. It means that the actions of a few elite women are also responsible for the hunger of large parts of the world’s population, and no longer exclusively those of elite men. In feminist foreign policy, the law of the strongest applies. Feminist foreign policy shakes hands with fascists and laughs at extra-legal executions. It is nationalist and bellicose. In short, “feminist foreign policy” is anti-feminist.

Our feminism is anti-militarist. We are loud and creative and intervene where we are. For us, this means concretely attacking the warmongering of the German state and those who make profits from the production of weapons, tanks and other war equipment.

The Greens, who many decades ago saw themselves as a “peace party”, are now pushing militarisation ever further and fuelling the escalation of war in Ukraine. Instead of seriously seeking alternatives to a protracted war of attrition with thousands of deaths on both sides, the Greens want to “ruin Russia” (Baerbock) and proclaim “Ukraine must win. That’s it.” (Göring-Eckardt). At the same time, rearmament projects and arms deliveries cannot go fast enough for them. But even more weapons will not put an end to the dying. Quite the contrary.

Left anti-militarists, anti-imperialists, feminists, Kurdistan solidarists, people fighting against the border regime, trade unionists and climate activists – let’s betray the war together!

There are corporations, production sites, offices and other war and crisis profiteers everywhere. Join planned demonstrations and actions or visit war profiteers in your neighbourhood.

Düsseldorf, 9 May, from 11.55 a.m., Rheinmetall-Platz 1

Berlin, 9 May, 5 p.m., Platz vor dem neuen Tor 1

In Rostock, from 5 to 11 May, UDT Entwaffnen is organising a protest camp against the UDT undersea weapons fair, in which Rheinmetall is also involved.

Theater X

Political Youth Theatre in Moabit


Theater X is an alternative CommUNITY theatre in Berlin Moabit, run by young people and workers together in co-management. Theater X is run by a working group in which all areas of the theatre are represented. A producers’ collective, including the young people themselves, organises the direction, dramaturgy, technics and production,  supported by coaches. This is where young peopple learn the craft of working as self-sufficient artists – from acting to lighting and managing events. With home and guest productions, there is plenty of space for initiatives and perspectives from the neighbourhood and the different commUNITIES of Berlin and beyond. Theater X sees itself as an important young and political cultural area for Moabit and Berlin,

In the centre of Theater X’s progarmme is a critical artistic engagement of social relations from the perspective of marginalised youth. Theater X should be a place where different communities can play and meet, but can also be used as a site of production.

Theater X sees itself as an alternative democratic artistic establishment. Artistic and business processes are not separated from each other, but seen as equally important elements for the emancipatory production of art with young people. Work on the same level between the different areas of the theatre is central, in particular between the workers and young people, is the central principle. Theater X is run by a direction working group, in which all important areas of the theater – artistic, dramatic and technical – are represented.

Theater X invites you to a CommUNITY Event Yallah Klassenkampf on April 29th.

If you or your group are interested in preparing for 1st May, come to Theater X.

From 11.30 till 6pm, there’ll be a street theatre workshop with “Teatro en Movimiento Callejerx“ from Barcelona.

From 2pm till 5pm, banners will be painted and printed, and from 3pm till 5pm slogans will be prepared with the Widerklang choir.

From 5pm till 6pm, there will be a presentation of the street theatre performance with the subject class struggle and other theatre scenes.

From 6pm, there will be cooking, grilling, eating and chilling in front of Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32