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Klima für Palästina

Palestinian Liberation is a Climate Justice Issue


Klima für Palästina is a group of climate justice activists who see justice for Palestinians as inseparable from climate justice and environmental justice. The group, which was formed in October 2023, recognises that Germany’s mainstream climate movement lacks inherent solidarity with Palestine, even though it is clear that there can be no climate justice on occupied land.

New gas projects off the coast of Gaza, ecocide of Palestinian land and natural ecosystems, water apartheid, destruction of farmland, and major emissions from Israeli missiles and explosions in Gaza all directly contribute to climate destruction.

By ignoring this struggle, climate activists are ignoring a crucial element of the basic struggle against climate change and environmental devastation. Klima für Palästina activates this joint and collective struggle by holding educational events for new and existing climate activists, such as panel discussions and interventions at demonstrations, by working with Palestinian solidarity groups and anti-arms groups to bring the fight for climate justice into their realm, and by creating spaces for joint discussion and collaboration between groups.

The group is made up of activists from around the world, hailing from different movements, but all passionate about collective struggle and intersectionality between two of the most pressing fights in the world right now. There can be no climate justice without justice for all.

To find out more, follow @Klima4Palaestina on Instagram and if you’d like to join, send us a direct message.

Tuntenhaus bleibt!

Save Tuntenhaus! One of the last & oldest gay/queer housing projects 👠



For over 30 years, our Tuntenhaus has been a place of social cohesion and diversity: in this house, queer people from many parts of the world, who are often marginalised because of their gender identity or sexual orientation, could find a place to call home.


In February, the Tuntenhaus building at Kastanienallee 86 was sold. This will ultimately lead to the displacement of the Tuntenhaus, due to expensive renovations and unaffordable rents. Our living space, a place of queer subculture with a 3-decade-long tradition, is in imminent danger.


We are not only known in and outside of Berlin as a landmark of the gay and queer community. Our house project represents a side of Berlin that has become rare: a side of Berlin that has made subculture and collective living communities possible through affordable housing, thus creating a place of living and a safer space for queer and gay people. Through our affordable “kitchen for all“, our food distribution for disadvantaged people, and courtyard festivals, we contribute to the socio-cultural diversity and cohesion of our neighbourhood.


The district of Pankow is examining and using its right of first refusal: its legal right to intervene and prevent the sale of the house. This could allow the Tuntenhaus to be converted into a non-profit or non-profit-oriented living space, if the Senate approves the funding.


We want the commitment of the Berlin Senate to support the conversion of the Tuntenhaus into a cooperative through the blocked budget funds and loans of March 7, 2024. It needs the acquisition support from a non-profit buyer (e.g. IBB loans) and funds for the overdue renovation.


Tell the Berlin Senate how important you find the Tuntenhaus and that they must release the funds! Donate to save the Tuntenhaus! Contact us if you can help! Make our voices heard!

Donate Money
IBAN: DE 62 2004 1144 0161 3280 05


Yes, we only have until early May to save the Tuntenhaus through the right of first refusal.




Anakeb Communications Consultants

Everything starts with a story


Anakeb Communications Consultants is a communications consulting firm whose mission is to combine diversity, uniqueness and ingenuity to address communication needs in a distinct and original style. Our aim is to get any audience to experience content, through its beauty and creativity. We strive to bring our clients a combination of the best possible communication solutions that stick.

Founded by two Palestinian multidisciplinary visual artists, the company champions local and inclusive services through a globalized team: that is, its consultant pool includes communication experts from different cultural, linguistic and geographic backgrounds.

Anakeb is the Arabic plural for spider. Our logo is inspired by a Palestinian embroidery motif from Gaza called: The Spider’s Web. Not only is the motif beautiful but the idea of the spider’s web in its intricate design, sticky nature and the fact that it attracts small and large prey played a role. Spiders have a sense of design, are industrious in building their homes and they think big.

We aim to reinvent the way we communicate, to put together stories that will boost your organization, brand, service, product and/or event. We guarantee that our storytelling will stick with your audience.

More information is available on our Website. Please check it out and follow us on Social media platforms:

“Anakeb” is plural for spider in Arabic. Spiders have a sense of design, are industrious in building their homes and they think big. If you want a communication job done right, get a spider to do it.


Inclusive non-violent direct action group of LGBTQIA+ individuals for queer liberation 🌈🌍


Voices4 Berlin is an inclusive, Berlin-based group of LGBTQIA+ people who use their privilege to actively promote global queer liberation through non-violent direct action. It was founded in response to the targeted, organized persecution of gay men in Chechnya, Russia. Our common goal is the global protection of queer people from persecution, discrimination and bigotry, and the recognition and enforcement of the rights and obligations that come with it.

On March 31st Voices4 Berlin is celebrating Trans* Day of Visibility at 90mil! We will have programming from 1pm onward including workshops, an open mic and a party with a line up of some of Germany’s best TIN* DJs. All programming will be donation-based and no one will be turned away for lack of funds. Follow Voices4 Berlin on Instagram @voices4berlin and Telegram for more information as well as to stay updated on future events, demos, actions, and ways to get informed and involved

For more information, you can follow Voices4Berlin on Instagram and facebook.

Stop political expulsion at Berlin universities

Urgent Call to Action: Students, Academic Freedom and Democracy under Attack


Copy the linked template, edit it to your liking and send it to the representatives of your district. You can find their contact sorted by district here. If you disagree with something in the letter, feel free to change it, or simply write an email in your own words.

At the end of this text, we added  a template in English and German, that students can send to their professors, lecturers, academics, and research assistants asking them to also speak out.


On March 26, Berlin is debating a change to the Higher Education Act where “politically motivated expulsion” can be used as a disciplinary measure in universities. This not only threatens people’s right to stay in Germany, as visas can be tied to student status, but sets a frightening precedent of shutting down student political organizing and restricting academic freedom. They are quickly pushing this in during semester break, and leaving little possibility of organized opposition. We need a wide alliance of students and non-students to oppose the right-wing turn in Germany: WE CANNOT LET THIS PASS!

Why It’s Important for You to Send Out

By using this template to express your concerns, you contribute to the collective effort to protect the rights and freedoms of students and faculty members at Berlin universities. Together, we can make our voices heard and work towards a more just and equitable higher education system in Berlin.

Sign our petition

Petition · Hände weg vom Hochschulgesetz: Politisch motivierte Exmatrikulationen in Berlin stoppen! ·

The actual law proposal

Siebzehntes Gesetz zur Änderung des Berliner Hochschulgesetzes (17. BerlHG-ÄnderungsG)

You can find the suggested mail to politicians and to professors, lecturers, academics, and research assistants here. Please take the time to send a message to protect academic freedom in Berlin.