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No fear! Class Struggle!?


 July 10th – 14th at Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz

FESTIWALLA – Five days packed with theater, performances, music, rap, spoken word, dance, (art-) installations, games, discussions, workshops, food, and community – on the big stage and in the streets! FESTIWALLA brings you marginalized youth perspectives and their art, featuring local ensembles from Berlin and collectives from Palestine, Italy, Spain, Chile, Bolivia, and Nigeria. Under the motto “No fear! Class Struggle!?” it addresses work and strikes, war and the rise of the right, migration and flight, and many other pressing political issues. Young artists tackle burning questions: Who or what defines class? What does class struggle truly mean? Where does oppression come from? How can we resist and empower ourselves? And can theater become a place shaped by and for working-class kids?

About Theater X and FESTIWALLA 

Theater X is an alternative community theater in Berlin Moabit, co-managed by youth and staff. At the heart of its work is critical artistic engagement with social conditions. FESTIWALLA by Theater X is a platform for young, marginalized cultural creators, a cultural event blending a international youth art festival, a block party, a trans-local expert forum, and a cultural-political jam session. FESTIWALLA aims to open the doors of high-culture institutions, providing young artists a stage for cultural and political self-representation. After several editions at locations such as the Haus der Kulturen der Welt and ufaFabrik, the 7th FESTIWALLA will take place for the first time at Volksbühne, Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz.

Block Party Against the Right Wing

YALLA! Enough! Siamo tutti Antifacisti! Because of recent events, the platform for Migration Matters invites all young people to our “Block Party against the Right Wing” on Friday, 12th July from 4 pm until 7 pm as part of FESTIWALLA 2024. This will be an opportunity to discuss how we can resist the growing right-wing threat. The event will be in German, but translation into English will be provided.



Solidarity Prints

t-shirts and prints for Gaza


@synecdocheberlin has produced a series of t-shirts and prints in support of @besan.baroud9, who is raising money to evacuate her family from Gaza. After the tents massacre in Rafah at the end of May, which happened very close to their tent, Besan, her parents and two brothers have been displaced again to Nuseirat. They’re now living in another tent there, together with her brother’s wife and two young daughters. Facing massive inflation and without income for 9 months now, the family have had to use some of these funds – which are now supporting 9 people – to cover basic living costs. 100% of your donations to this campaign all go directly to that goal, and help them survive until the borders reopen.

Three ways to support!:

A4 native Palestinian herb prints, €15:

This series of riso printed linocut illustrations features Palestinian native herbs whose collection has been criminalized by the occupation through weaponizing dubious claims of “environmental protection”. Because foraging for these traditional staple plants is currently punishable by fines and up to three years in prison, harvesting them is regarded by some as an act of resistance. Inspired by the work of Jumana Manna, and all the constant gardeners and plant relatives who in the face of unrelenting horror, continue to teach us life.

T-shirts (available in size L, XL, XXL), €25:

Wear it to the grocery store, to the reading group, to the next action. Keep donating, keep showing up. ❤️ 🌱 This design is inspired by the poppy anemone, used as a symbol of Palestine because it shares the colours of the Palestinian flag.

A3 Palestinian flag prints, €25:

The prints are LARGE! A3 size (29.7×42 cm/11.7×16.5″) and will come flat packed with a hard backing.

The text on all prints and shirts reads “Free Palestine”.

You can order from @synecdocheberlin on Instagram or by mailing

Solidarity is a practice – today and every day until Palestine is free. Until then, we don’t stop.

فلسطين حرة

Our House Our Kiez Our City

Right2TheCity meets 48 hours Neukölln


R2C presents: OUR HOUSE OUR KIEZ OUR CITY at 48 Hours Neukölln

🗓️ 28 – 30 June
📍 AGIT (Nansenstrasse 2 – Neukölln)

R2C plans a weekend-long celebration at our AGIT home during 48 Hours Neukölln. A collaborative exhibition and an information booth on the Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen (DWE @dw_enteignen) campaign runs throughout the weekend.


🗓️ FRIDAY, 28 June


Welcome speech by R2C activists, followed by musical acts, with Immediate Drama, Ferdinando Primo and Glassberg and the Disasters.
🕜 19:00 – 22:00
📍 AGIT (Nansenstrasse 2 – Neukölln)


🗓️ SATURDAY, 29 June

Join us for a community quilt-making.

🕜 12:00 – 16:00
📍 AGIT (Nansenstrasse 2 – Neukölln)


Learn the art of screen printing and walk away with an original piece, printed with a motif of your choice.

🕜 16:00 – 18:00
📍 AGIT (Nansenstrasse 2 – Neukölln)

R2C KINO presented by Mokum Kraakt from Amsterdam

We’ll receive our comrades from Mokum Kraakt – an Amsterdam-based collective of activists and artists, who will give a talk about the role of artistic practices in the squatting movement and the housing struggle in Amsterdam today. Hoping to share methods, tactics, and lessons!

We’ll think together: how to reclaim space in a commodified city? What part does squatting play in the housing struggle? What place does art occupy in that struggle? They will also screen the 30 min documentary “Hotel Mokum,” about the experience and reverberations of a squatting action they did in 2021.

Stay on as afterwards, we’ll be showing “Start Wearing Purple.”

🕜 19:00 – 22:00
📍 AGIT (Nansenstrasse 2 – Neukölln)


🗓️ SUNDAY, 30 June

WALKING TOUR Neukölln by Revolutionary Berlin

Join us for a deep dive into red Neukölln with Nathaniel Flakin, uncovering the unwritten history of organization and resistance in the neighbourhood.

🕜 11:00 – 13:00
📍 Meeting point: Geschwister Nothaft Café
✨ Bring 10€


Landlords hide to remain unaccountable. Find out how to fight back, find out who your landlord is. A special edition of Right to the City’s Tenant’s Support Forum, a monthly gathering of tenants who engage in peer support to resist exploitative practices in their housing.

🕜 14:00 – 16:00
📍 AGIT (Nansentrasse 2 – Neukölln)

More information here

Palästina Solidarität Archiv

Palestine Solidarity Archives


Since January 2024, Palästina Solidarität Archiv has been documenting repression by German authorities.

The archive includes nearly 40 hours of testimony with activists, hundreds of videos of demonstrations, dozens of police letters, sharepics, physical materials and more. It will be publicly available, including a website using archival software

The project was initiated by a residency of the Palästina Kampagne at AGIT, a space for artistic and archival projects. It has now grown into an independent project with continued support from AGIT, as well as various activist and community groups and aims to document the repression and resistance within the Palestine-Solidarity movement in Berlin.

In response to the escalating repression in Berlin, Palästina Solidarität Archiv seeks to make a wide array of vital materials about the actual situation and experiences of Palestinians and their allies available. These materials are thoroughly indexed, allowing journalists, activists and researchers to parse them with relative ease.

Irish Bloc Berlin

Berlin-based platform for Irish solidarity with Palestine


Formed in February 2024, Irish Bloc Berlin is a community of activists from different backgrounds, equally open to people who are not Irish or European, but who share our common commitment to Palestinian liberation. We foreground international solidarity and collective organisation, and seek meaningful and practical ways to support our Palestinian and international comrades wherever possible. We aim to resist Germany’s systematic and racialised silencing of pro-Palestinian voices.

Irish Bloc Berlin stands as an expression of the Irish people’s long-held solidarity with Palestinians, advocating for liberation and serving as a forum for our collective rage and confusion in the face of ongoing injustice in social, cultural, and political institutions. We believe in the urgent need for new and interconnected structures for international solidarity and advocacy, tackling these pervasive issues from the bottom up. The Bloc seeks to remain a proactive voice of solidarity, raising funds to support Palestinian causes and promoting awareness of the genocide in Gaza as well as injustices throughout historic Palestine.

Check out past and future actions on the Irish Bloc’s Instagram and Telegram channels.