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Hocker statt Höcke

Don’t let the AfD normalise hate


No Votes for the AfD – Participation Campaign for the elections “Hocker statt Höcke” with Konstantin Wecker

Already over 500 people have joined the recently started social media campaign of the performance artist Rainer Opolka against the AfD. Go against Höcke [Björn Höcke, AfD politician with close links with Neo-Nazis] auf den Höcker [on a stool].

Show your face and spoil the AfD election party on 26th September. These are the declared goals of the action. Over 500 people have already taken part, including Konstantin Wecker [musician], Sebastian Krumbiegel [singer, Die Prinzen], Katina Schubert [Die LINKE Berlin], Anke Domscheit-Berg [MP, Die LINKE], Hubertus Heil [labour minister, SPD] und others.

Taking part is quick and easy. Take a photo of yourself (an existing photo will do), upload it into, and share the picture on facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For example with this text:

German: Keine Stimme für die AfD! Zeige Haltung gegen Hass & Hetze! | Foto machen, Kampagnenbild erstellen & teilen! ️

English: No Votes for the AfD! Take a stand against hate & rabble-rousing | Take a photo and create a campaign picture! ️

#HockerstattHöcke #Deutschlandabertolerant #noAfD #BTW21 #BTW2021


The Background

The AfD is trying to win the centre vote at the coming elections with their current campaign “Deutschland aber normal” (Germany but normal). The normality that the AfD had in mind – against “Gender madness”, multiculturalism and “climate panic” – is something that they want to normalise inside society. But right wing extremism, racism and hatred cannot be normal in our society! We want to say this clearly.

The initiator is the performance artist and author Rainer Opolka. He is a former torch manufacturer and has been engaged against right wing extremism for many years. He has been often honoured for his civic engagement. In 2016, he attracted national attention with his touring exhibition “Die Wölfe sind zurück?” (the wolves are back?) which has since been exhibited in many German state capitals in central open spaces. Just in Berlin, Dresden and Potsdam he reached over 250,000 people.

Human Rights Film Festival Berlin

Around 40 outstanding, inspiring, touching and insightful documentaries


Documentaries are a powerful means to inspire people and raise awareness of human rights violations.

The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (HRFFB) returns as a hybrid on- & offline festival back to the heart of the German capital from September 16 – October 25, 2021. For 10 days, the festival will focus on stories from all parts of the world that vividly address and reflect on human action, the socio-political status quo and fundamental issues such as democracy, justice, freedom and environmental protection. Through discussions and Q&As with filmmakers, activists and experts, the festival creates a platform to gain new perspectives on our world.

The Human Rights Film Festival Berlin (HRFFB) was launched by the humanitarian and development organisation Aktion gegen den Hunger in 2018. The 2021 festival will be organised by Aktion gegen den Hunger in cooperation with Save the Children, and in partnership with Amnesty International. Each organisation has curated a selection of films, focussing on humanitarian aid and the fight against hunger, as well as children’s and human rights.

This year’s festival – under the patronage of the Saudi Arabian Human Rights Activist Loujain al-Hathloul – will be opened by Sundance winner SABAYA by Hogir Hirori.

Festival programme

16th September, 7.30 pm: Opening Ceremony

Opening speech by Lina al-Hathloul, human rights activist

As Loujain al-Hathloul has been banned from speaking publicly or continuing her activism for the next three years, her sister Lina al-Hathloul, who is fighting tirelessly for her sister’s freedom, will give the festival’s opening speech on her behalf.

Opening film SAYBAYA by Hogir Hirori

The so-called Islamic State attacked the city of Sinjar – murdering its men and kidnapping its women. Thousands are still being held captive as SABAYA (sex slaves). The men and women from the Yazidi Home Centre are their only chance to escape this hell.


For a society of solidarity and justice


On September 4th the #unteilbar demo will take place in Berlin, three weeks ahead of the German elections. We will be taking to the streets in a stand against racism and in a show of solidarity for social justice.

#unteilbar started in Berlin but has become an important rallying point throughout Germany. We are organized into anti-racist groups, the hospital and care movement, tenant initiatives, human rights organizations, anti-fascist groups, trade unions, charitable organizations, feminist and queer groups, the anti-war and the climate movement. Our broad alliance includes more than 300 organizations which signed our call-to-action. In 2018 we went ahead with our first #unteilbar rally in Berlin and brought 242,000 people from diverse political backgrounds together.

Solidarity – now more than ever

Social problems and injustices have dramatically gotten more acute in the last year. More and more people live in poverty or fear losing their livelihoods. At the same time, the consequences of climate change are becoming more and more dangerous. While hatred and racism become more and more socially acceptable, people are dying every day on the EU’s borders.

Now is the time to take to take to the streets and show that we are #unteilbar #indivisble

  • We demand decent working and living conditions and demand that education, healthcare and housing not be left to the market!
  • The rich should pay for the pandemic and accompanying crisis!
  • We fight for an antiracist and inclusive society, that makes society fair for all genders, in which everyone can participate and that is there for everyone!
  • We insist on forceful action against the climate crisis and on worldwide just access to Covid-19 vaccines.
  • We are for the right to refuge and asylm—Human rights are #unteilbar #indivisible

Join up, get involved and share this information!

Support us with a donation! [Facebook, Twitter, Instagram]

Donations to: Digitalcourage e.V. | IBAN DE41 3702 0500 5459 5459 39 | BIC BFSWDE33XXX



ViSdP: Lukas Theune, Karl-Marx-Str. 172, 12043 Berlin

Die Vielen

More artistic diversity! Voting rights for all!


The next federal election will take place in less than two months. And this goes on without the votes of 14 percent of all the full-aged residents in Germany. That is almost ten million votes that AGAIN will not be represented. The reason is that we do not have German citizenship.

While politicians run their election campaigns for only 86 percent of all people living in Germany, we are silenced. While parties are buying votes with their deportation policies, expatriation strategies and border security three months before the election, the political means to fight for our rights are being taken away from us. We are being systematically invisibilized.

How can we talk about democracy when almost 10 million residents of Germany are excluded from the most important political instrument of every state solely because of their nationality? How can we talk about social, economic and environmental justice when the concept of citizenship still determines our rights? How can we talk about ‘one’ future when our future is still determined by the dominant society?

We are here and we take the space: That’s why we want to invite you to walk with us on Saturday, August 28th. Bring all of your friends with you and let’s speak out for the right to self-determination and the right to have a say. We would like to particularly invite people without German citizenship to make their own speech.

One of the main organisers of the action is Die Vielen (the Many). Die Vielen was founded in Berlin in 2017 as a non-profit association with the goal of strengthening and reinforcing artistic freedom in public and diversity and to work decisively against the increasing right-wing extremism in the areas of politics and society. Since then, DIE VIELEN have dedicated themselves to working toward an open and democratic society.

Die Vielen is also planning a nationwide week of action from 12th-19th September to draw attention to the number of people living in Germany who are excluded from taking part in the Bundestag elections. Activists from the fields of art and culture have engaged in a nationwide network for artistic freedom, diverse participation and presentation in the field of art.

This is important: but at least as important is driving forward the further development of democracy in a society that is growing more diverse as nearly 10 million people in Germany are prevented from voting because they do not hold a German passport. Voting rights tied solely to citizenship exclude people who have lived in Germany for many years from political decision-making and from making decisions regarding the shaping of a shared society.

This not only weakens democracy; it also provides greater weight to some 4.5 million votes with an extreme right-wing worldview and racist, nationalistic attitudes. In light of this, DIE VIELEN are supporting the call for voting rights for all with symbolic elections, surveys, poster campaigns and artistic inventions in public space.

Press Contact for the Campaign: Elisabeth Friedrich, Artefakt Kulturkonzepte / T +49.(0)30 44010 687

Climate Action Community

Bringing climate activists and organisations together


Climate Action Community is a  community group and impact-oriented social enterprise that aims to help citizens move from climate anxiety to climate action through community empowerment, education, and collective action. We support and advocate for community-led climate action, engage with existing environmental and social justice groups and do outreach to concerned citizens with the aim of larger climate mobilization.

Our members are from all walks of life from students to DJs… everyone is welcome. We are a community of everyday folks who want to make a difference. Just come with an open mind, an open heart and get ready to get your hands dirty!

Want to get involved in climate action or social justice, but don’t know where to start? Climate Action Community is hosting a little festival on Saturday, 21st August at Haus der Statistik to connect activist organizations with Berliners offering up their skills and time to help build a better world for all of us.

Event Programme:
👚🔀 All-day clothing swap
👼🏹 Speed ‘dating’ for organizations
💬🫂 Climate café
🧆🍸 Food & drinks

Mor information and RSVP here.

Hosted by Climate Action Community, Haus der Statistik & MITKUNSTZENTRALE


  • Klimaliste Berlin
  • KulturLabor Trial&Error
  • Initiative 100% Tempelhofer Feld
  • Queer Trans Mutual Aid Berlin
  • Berlin Clothing Swap
  • Edible City Network
  • Give Something Back to Berlin
  • SuperCoop
  • Tatort Zukunft
  • Suere
  • FSWFrieda
  • Polis 180
  • And more to be announced!

To keep everyone safe and healthy, please bring proof of vaccination or recovery or a negative test, and a mask.