Schule muss Anders (School must be different)

Parents, school students, teachers, social workers, educators and others united for better schools in Berlin


Schooling in Berlin is unjust. Pupils do not receive the support that they really need. Teachers, educators and social workers are overloaded, because they do not have enough co-workers. Berlin must recruit 3,000 teachers a year, but just 900 graduate from Berlin Universities. This means increasingly more tasks in decreasing amounts of time. Parents must compensate for what the school is unable to do. Berlin education politics is plugging holes, instead of supporting school students in the way they need. But school must be different (#schulemussanders) and this is possible.

In the next 5 weeks, the new coalition treaty [for the Berlin government] will be passed. This is where the educational guidelines for the next 5 years will be set.

We must decide NOW

Either we watch on as in the next 5 years holes will continue to be plugged or we finally ensure that schools and children receive what they need. Come to the demonstration, join our campaign channel on Telegram and become active.

This is why we are demonstrating together as parents, school students and staff on Saturday, 6th November at 2pm

Start: Haus der Statistik (3 minutes walk from Alexanderplatz at the corner of Karl-Marx-Allee and Otto-braun-Straße)

Final rally; 3pm in front of the Roten Rathaus

Parents, staff and school students will be joining to hand over petitions to leading politicians. The signatures on the petitions have been collected at over 100 Berlin schools.

Please being people with you

It makes a difference whether we attend the demo with 800 or 2,000 people. The more of you are there on 6th November, the greater the public pressure. The demonstration will be peaceful, and children are welcome.

You can find flyers for the demo which you can print out yourself here.

If you would like printed posters and flyer, send a mail to

Who are Schule muss anders?

The non-party education campaign “Schule muss anders” is supported by the Initiative “Schule in Not” (school in need), the Berlin alliance for school including, the Berliner Bürgerplattformen, the GEW Berlin teachers’ union, the lsfb (Landesverband der Kita- und Schulfördervereine Berlin-Brandenburg – Regional association of nursery and parent-teacher associations Berlin-Brandenburg), the teaching initiative Kreidestaub and the State stident committee. On top of this, many staff, parents and school students who have not been previously organised are active in the campaign.

What are the demands of the Campaign Schule muss anders?

  • More time for team and relationships – relief for all

  • Teams from different professions at the schools

  • More personnel and training places

  • Fight discrimination and guarantee participation

You can find further information and the details of our demands here.

Let us stand together for the future of education in this city and its schoolkids!