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Joan Tarika Lewis and Elaine Brown

Rebellious Daughters of History #35 by ,,Judy Cox America Rising: Joan Tarika Lewis Tarika Lewis grew up in Oakland, California, a town infamous for police brutality and segregation. In the 1960s Tarika studied at Oakland Tech, following in the steps of other Black Panther Party Bobby Hutton and Reginald Forte. She was a talented violinist […]

Fannie Lou Hamer and Billie Holiday

Rebellious Daughters of History #34 by ,,Judy Cox America Rising: Fannie Lou Hamer (1917 – 1977) “We been waitin’ all our lives, and still gettin’ killed, still gettin’ hung, still gettin’ beat to death. Now we’re tired waitin’!” —Fannie Lou Hamer Fannie Lou Townsend was born in Montgomery County, Mississippi, the last of 20 children. […]

Mary Barbour and Angela Davis

Rebellious Daughters of History #33 by Jack Robertson (guest contribution) and ,,Judy Cox Red Clydeside Rent Strike Leader: Mary Barbour Mary Barbour was born in the Renfrewshire village of Kilbarchan in 1875, daughter and third child of seven to James Rough, a carpet weaver, and his wife, Jane Gavin. Mary left school at the age […]

Elizabeth Hanson and Louise Michel

Rebellious Daughters of History #32 by Judy Cox Chartist Militant and Theoretician: Elizabeth Hanson (1797-1886) Elizabeth was born in 1797. She married Abram Hanson, a shoemaker, and lived in Elland, near Halifax. Elizabeth became politically active in the campaign against the Poor Law Amendment Act, 1834. The Act stated that the destitute would only get […]

Grace Campbell and Nadezhda Krupskaya

Rebellious Daughters of History #31 by ,,Judy Cox The First Black Communist: Grace Campbell (1883-1943) Grace Campbell was born in 1882 in Georgia. Her father was a Jamaican immigrant and teacher and her mother was a woman of mixed African American and Native Ameri- can heritage. The family moved to New York City in 1905 […]

Helen MacFarlane and Catarina Eufémia

Rebellious Daughters of History #30 by ,,Judy Cox Chartist, Feminist, Journalist and Communist: Helen MacFarlane (1818-1860) Helen Macfarlane was born in Barrhead, Paisley, Scotland. Her father, George, owned a calico-printing works. There was radicalism in the Macfarlane family and the mill workers who were solid supporters of Chartism. In 1842 the Macfarlane mills went bust […]

Minnie Lansbury and Nanny of the Maroons

Rebellious Daughters of History #29 by Judy Cox Poplar Revolt: Minnie Lansbury (1889 – 1922) Minnie Glassman, the daughter of Jewish coal merchant Isaac Glassman, was born in Stepney in 1889. She became a school teacher and was active in the campaign for women’s suffrage. In 1913, Sylvia Pankhurst, with the support of Millie Glassman, […]