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A Perspective of the current USA electoral process

At the best of times, leftists are divided about what to make of electoral politics. Opinions range from those who argue they will never result in meaningful change for the unprivileged members of society. Other argue that Leftists must engage in the democratic process.   As the USA elections are a brazen frenzy of money, […]

Photo Gallery – 15 February 2020 against the AfD in Erfurt

18 000 demonstrated on February 15 on the streets of Erfurt to protest the dangerous political games of FDP and CDU with AfD and declare that there is no space for Nazis, in the government and everywhere else. After a rally at Dom Square, the demo walked through the central streets of the city up […]

Photos: ‘Freedom for Patrick’ protest

Patrick George Zaki, 28 year old Egyptian human rights activist, was abducted at Cairo International Airport upon his arrival from Bologna, Italy where he currently studies for his MD at the University of Bologna. Patrick was tortured and electrocuted without any true accusations. This campaign is to pressure the Egyptian Authorities to meet the following […]

News round-up 15th February 2020

GERMANY State apparatus moves to ramp up deportations Horst Seehofer wants new police powers to carry out immigration checks beyond border areas and use Tasers on detainees. Meanwhile, police propose that seats on deportation flights are not assigned to specific people until the last minute. This would give them more time to fill the planes […]