Letzte Generation

Peaceful Civil Resistance


Letzte Generation is a movement that uses peaceful civil resistance to fight for a short-term phase-out of fossil fuels until 2030. While the German government plans to continue using fossil fuels as long as 2045, Letzte Generation activists continue to point out that this is far too late. Together with other members of the A22 network such as Just Stop Oil in the UK, Letzte Generation has been raising public awareness of the need for immediate action to tackle climate catastrophe for the past two years.

On Saturday 28 October, Last Generation activists, joined by activists from many other groups such as Extinction Rebellion Netherlands and Christians for Future protested on the Straße des 17. Juni, a street between the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column, with a mass blockade of more than 1400 protesters. This action was inspired by the success of Extinction Rebellion’s protests in the Netherlands, who have been blocking a highway every single day for more than a month with over 9000 arrests, leading to the Dutch parliament voting on a stop of fossil fuel subsidies.

The next mass occupation will take place this Saturday, 25 November, starting at 12 noon next to the Victory Column (Großer Stern). Again, climate justice groups such as Parents Against Fossil Fuels and Scientist Rebellion are calling for action. Join us!