Letter from the Editors: 25th May 2023

Protect Asylum Rights, 9 Years 100% Tempelhofer Feld, and Marxismuss


Hello everyone,

This evening (Thursday), the Berlin Worker Center and BEMA (the Beratungszentrum Migration und Gute Arbeit) are organising a Community conversation about your rights at work as an immigrant in Germany. They are offering an opportunity to connect with other workers and immigrants over food and drinks, to learn more about the Berlin Worker Center and BEMA, and to speak to legal counsellors about worker rights. It’s at Siegfried-Hirschmann-Park 1, and starts at 5:30pm.

Also this evening, at 6pm, there’s a rally No displacement at this address!, at Hermannstraße 48. Residents of Hermannstraße 48 are calling on Tina Sahr, manger of “Hermannshof 48 Grundbesitzgesellschaft GmbH” to: stop the displacement of residents in their house, and to sell to a state-owned housing association or to a cooperative! They also call on the state of Berlin to finally withdraw their house from the speculative real estate market and create safe, social housing in the middle of Neukölln!

Tomorrow is the start of the Marxismuss Conference in the Neues Deutschland building, Franz-Mehring Platz 1. Hundreds of activists from throughout Germany and beyond will come together in Berlin to discuss and network. The Marxismuss conference begins on Friday with a seminar day. During which, we take a full day to introduce different aspects of Marxist theory. On the following days, the conference offers over 100 meetings – a diverse and exciting programme of presentations, debates and panel discussions, including a range of meetings in English. Marxismuss is our Campaign of the Week.

Tomorrow also sees a demonstration No Asylum Compromise 2.0. Thirty years ago, tens of thousands demonstrated in Germany against the so-called asylum compromise. The aim was to stop changes in basic law which would have led to a massive limitation of the right to asylum. Today there could be an even worse asylum compromise. The EU is planning a reform of the Common European Asylum System, which would drastically restrict the right to asylum and legalise pushbacks. The demonstration against the new law starts at 5:30pm at Willy Brandt Haus – the SPD headquarters.

On Sunday, there’s a celebration of 9 years since the referendum which stopped building on Tempelhofer Feld – a referendum result which in part led to Deutsche Wohnen & CO Enteignen. The free festival includes music and takes place on the Western edge of the field, between the Paradestraße and Tempelhof entrances. It will take place from 2pm till 4pm, and again from 8pm till 9:30pm. You can book free tickets here. Donations are welcome.

Next Thursday is the start of the Stop Deportation Camp at BER airport. We’re planning an article on theleftberlin.com at the beginning of next week with more information, and there’ll be plenty in next week’s Newsletter.

You can still book accommodation and, if needed, inform us of any dietary restrictions you may have for the Berlin LINKE Internationals Summer Camp by using this link to register. Summer Camp is on 10th-11th June in the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf on the edge of Berlin. Note: initially we planned on hosting a meeting on Trans Rights, but this unfortunately is no longer available. Instead, activists from Sudan Uprising will be talking about the current situation in Sudan. You can see a full updated programme here.

There are many more activities this week in Berlin, which are listed on our Events page. You can also see a shorter, but more detailed, list of Events which we are directly involved in here.

In News from Berlin, people with disabilities still face restrictions in the labour market, and climate activists block Deutsche Bank to protest at its Greenwashing,

In News from Germany, retail workers strike throughout Germany, over 20% of people in Germany live in poverty, a new study shows inadequate reporting of police violence, German children’s reading skills have dropped dramatically, and Germany has a new finance minister.

Read all about this week’s News from Berlin and Germany here.

New on theleftberlin this week, we interview Palestinian Artists Rasha Al Jundi and Michael Jabareen about the discrimination they have suffered in Germany, the European Legal Support Centre opposes the ban of Palestinian demonstrations in Berlin,  Pablo Abufom Silva asks why Chilean President Gabriel Boric just lost an important referendum, Dimitra Kyrillou in Athens looks at the politics behind Greece’s election last weekend, John Mullen looks at how anti-racist struggles in France have merged with the demonstrations against pension reforms, and the Jüdische Stimme responds to police and press lies about the rally which they organised last weekend.

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Keep on fighting

The Left Berlin Editorial Board