Letter from the Editors: 10th March 2023

Demo for Scottish independence, training migrant workers. and new podcast on organising delivery workers


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In a few weeks, from 26th-29th March, there will be a gas summit in Vienna, where gas companies, investors and politicians will talk about Europe’s dependency on fossil fuels. Protests have been called calling for an end to fossil capitalism. To help inform you about these protests, there will be a showing of Eleanor Goodfield’s film “Hard Road of Hope“ this evening in Wagenburg Lohmühle, Lohmühlenstr. 17, at 7pm. The film will be in English with German subtitles, and the discussion will be in German.

On Saturday, there will be a demonstration, Rip the Chains from the Unicorn, organised by our Campaign of the Week; Germans for Scottish Independence. The organisers say: “Together with European neighbors and supporters from all over the world we want to send a united signal to Westminster and to Scotland! A broad, colorful and peaceful, but strong and solidary signal of support for Scottish independence.” It starts at Pariser Platz at 11am. Demonstrators are also invited to a jam session and post-demo meet up from 7pm in Arcanoa.

Also on Saturday from 7pm, Perperúna invite you to an event: Voices of Feminist Solidarity in Der Frevel. In the wake of the mobilizations for the international Women’s Day, on the evening of March 11th the women of Perperúna vocal ensemble, meet Feminists4Jina, a transnational feminist group formed in the context of “Jin Jiyan Azadi” revolution in Iran. The evening will be full of polyphonic tunes from Greece and the Balkans but also voices and songs of the “Jin Jiyan Azadi” revolution.

On Sunday at 6pm, there are 2 different online events about Palestine, one in English, one in German. In a meeting organised by the Palestine museum, Anna-Esther Younes will be talking about Redefining antisemitism in a campaign to silence criticism of Israel and stigmatize support for Palestine in Germany/Europe. At the same time, Jüdisch-Israelischer Dissens (JID) in Leipzig invite you to an information evening in German on the current political situation in Israel-Palestine. The Zoom link will be made public on the day of the event.

On Thursday, at 7pm, the Bildungszentrum Lohana Berkins is organising a meeting: Training process for migrant workers. This space was born out of the need for migrant workers to get organized to defend their rights and to be able to protect themselves from the precariousness of the labor market in Germany. This is the third time that we do this series of training and debate meetings. 🗣️ BUT THE FIRST TIME IN ENGLISH! Come to learn, discuss and meet people who want to organize like you! The event is in Rote Lilly, Emser Str. 114.

Per usual, these are not the only interesting events in Berlin this week. For more information, please check out our Events page.

In News from Berlin, CDU and SPD start negotiations about the next Berlin government, shots fired at the Gay Museum, and possible new vote on building on Tempelhofer Feld

In News from Germany, after warning strikes, 45,000 join the ver.di trade union, Last Generation protest at Germany blocking EU talks on protecting the environment, despite court victory, women still earn 18% less than men, and Sahra Wagenknecht says she will not stand for elections again for die LINKE.

Read all about this week’s News from Berlin and Germany here.

New on theleftberlin this week, we talk to Israeli historian Ilan Pappe about 75 years Nakba, the new Israeli protest movement, and discussing Palestine in Germany, Tina Andersen Vågenes reports on Norwegian protests against wind farms build on indigenous lands, Dr. John Puntis makes the case for investing in the NHS, John Mullen reports from the strikes and protests in France – the biggest so far against Macron’s pension reforms, Hari Kumar looks at German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s attempt to woo the BRICs countries, and we publish an analysis of the Battle of Lützerath from an activist involved in the campaign against lignite mining.

This week’s Photo Gallery of the Week contains pictures of Wednesday’s demonstration for International Working Women’s Day, organised by the ver.di and GEW trade unions and the Bündnis für Sexuelle Selbstbestimmung.

In This week’s Radio, in the latest programme from Radio Berlin International, Srijon Sinha talks to Nesrine, a Tunisian activist and member of the group FACQ Berlin (Front for Anti-Colonial / Anti-Capitalist / Anti-Cistem Queers), Gavin Taylor, a Scottish journalist with Independence Live, and Alicja Flisak from CoLiberation, a Polish-speaking queer feminist collective working around abortion, queer and women’s liberation and migration

And our Podcast of the Week welcomes a new podcast Delivery Charge. In the first edition, host Aju John explains how you can form a works council in six easy steps. He explores how platform delivery workers are organising for fairer conditions of work in India where he is from, and in Germany, where he lives. In 2021, the delivery workers of Gorillas, many of whom were recent migrants to Germany, navigated several intimidating procedures, to campaign for, conduct elections to, and establish a betriebsrat for the company in Berlin. This episode contains the story of the Gorillas Workers Collective.

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