Germans for Scottish Independence

Coordinating people in Germany who are fighting for Scottish independence


Germans for Scottish Independence, formed in 2013, are a relaxed association of individuals with very different biographies, motivations and objectives.

People from Scotland and from the German speaking world connect; Scots in Germany, Germans in Scotland, people who are interested in the respective cultures of those nations and those who have family or business connections between both countries. Some of us were there from the beginning, some joined over the years and others after the EU referendum in 2016.

The group is cross-party and democratic but without a definite hierarchy and individual members represent radical left wing as well as business orientated views. There are many different thoughts and ideas on issues like NATO membership for an independent Scotland, the future currency and the position of the Monarchy. However, the opinions and views of each individual do not necessarily represent those of the group as a whole.

Mutual acceptance and respect is our top priority, as much as Scotland’s independence is our consensus.

Nevertheless, Germans for Scottish Independence remain united by the progressive goals of the independence movement. In particular, we support the removal of British Weapons of Mass Destruction from Scotland, energy transition, peaceful internationalism, the safeguarding and expansion of social standards, free and classless education, a free and fair health system as well as EU membership and much more.

People with extreme right wing and/or nationalistic ideals are not welcome by Germans for Scottish Independence.

This focus on social networks is an intentional approach as we are geographically wide spread yet work together over many borders. We also try to be visible outside the internet and work tangible and effective – for this reason are we planning a demonstration in Berlin.

On Saturday, 11th March, we are organising an international demonstration for Scottish independence in Berlin. Together with European neighbors and supporters from all over the world we want to send a united signal to Westminster and to Scotland! A broad, colorful and peaceful, but strong and solidary signal of support for Scottish independence.

The demonstration starts at 11am at Brandenburger Tor. At 7pm, we will be organising a Jam Session for Scottish Independence – a Post-Demo Meet-Up in Arcanoa, Tempelhofer Berg 8. Arcanoa is one of Kreuzberg’s most atmospheric small venues, where you have a couple of well-earned beverages and play and listen to some live music.

There’ll be a number of planned acts to set the ball rolling, including Kevin Gore & Mr. Moon, Tina Jünnemann and Bodhrán Slippy, then the stage will open to any other willing participants for some acoustic open stage and jamming.