Hocker statt Höcke

Don’t let the AfD normalise hate


No Votes for the AfD – Participation Campaign for the elections “Hocker statt Höcke” with Konstantin Wecker

Already over 500 people have joined the recently started social media campaign of the performance artist Rainer Opolka against the AfD. Go against Höcke [Björn Höcke, AfD politician with close links with Neo-Nazis] auf den Höcker [on a stool].

Show your face and spoil the AfD election party on 26th September. These are the declared goals of the action. Over 500 people have already taken part, including Konstantin Wecker [musician], Sebastian Krumbiegel [singer, Die Prinzen], Katina Schubert [Die LINKE Berlin], Anke Domscheit-Berg [MP, Die LINKE], Hubertus Heil [labour minister, SPD] und others.

Taking part is quick and easy. Take a photo of yourself (an existing photo will do), upload it into www.hocker-statt-hoecke.de, and share the picture on facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For example with this text:

German: Keine Stimme für die AfD! Zeige Haltung gegen Hass & Hetze! | Foto machen, Kampagnenbild erstellen & teilen! ️ www.hocker-statt-hoecke.de

English: No Votes for the AfD! Take a stand against hate & rabble-rousing | Take a photo and create a campaign picture! ️ www.hocker-statt-hoecke.de

#HockerstattHöcke #Deutschlandabertolerant #noAfD #BTW21 #BTW2021


The Background

The AfD is trying to win the centre vote at the coming elections with their current campaign “Deutschland aber normal” (Germany but normal). The normality that the AfD had in mind – against “Gender madness”, multiculturalism and “climate panic” – is something that they want to normalise inside society. But right wing extremism, racism and hatred cannot be normal in our society! We want to say this clearly.

The initiator is the performance artist and author Rainer Opolka. He is a former torch manufacturer and has been engaged against right wing extremism for many years. He has been often honoured for his civic engagement. In 2016, he attracted national attention with his touring exhibition “Die Wölfe sind zurück?” (the wolves are back?) which has since been exhibited in many German state capitals in central open spaces. Just in Berlin, Dresden and Potsdam he reached over 250,000 people.