Time to condemn the men

Jacinta Nandi and Nadia Shehadeh in conversation about mums, marriage and men. About how housework would be ok if it weren’t for the lazy man in the background. And why cleaning the house is a bit like sex work

“Simply shitty in a different way”

Jacinta Nandi’s new collection of short stories, The Worst Housewife in the World, draws on her life as a mother of two sons, the duties and burdens of everyday life, and the demands of society – and on how all this is connected with feminism. The reader learns a great deal about Germany, which Jacinta Nandi knows so well precisely because it has always remained a little bit foreign to her. Frédéric Valin talked to her about cheese on toast, care work, and Brexit

Cleaning lady: a job like any other?

On Women’s Day this year, which seems a million years ago now, a time when we were all suddenly realizing that just because hysterical hypochondriacs thought they probably had COVID-19 didn’t automatically mean it wasn’t actually really fucking terrible (God, what a horrible realization that was!), the UK Guardian published a feminist article by Sally […]