World Hijab Day

For the right of women to wear what they want


As part of a global movement, a broad movement from civil society is organising a rally on International World Hijab Day on Tuesday, 1st February 2022. It will take place at 2.30pm on the square in front of the Rathaus Neukölln.

The 1st February, is the tenth anniversary of the call from hijabis throughout the world for the recognition of millions of Muslim women who have chosen to wear a hijab and to live humbly.

In around 190 countries, men, women, hijabis and children from all groups and none take part in World Hijab Day. Numerous volunteers, ambassadors and activists are part of this action.

The aim of the action is to increase awareness for the hijab as a symbol of self-determination and not oppression. These representatives come from different lives, but aim to strengthen a shared vision. The initiative is supported by many internationally well-known people, including scientists, politicians and celebrities.

Our aim is to create a world in which we are united in our diversity. Through consciousness, education and empowerment, we want to dismantle the stereotyping and discrimination against Muslim women which prevails in this country.

As part of a global movement, we call for religious tolerance, cosmopolitanism, cultural understanding and international solidarity. For a world, and a Germany, in which Muslimas can proudly and freely express their belief, irrespective of political beliefs and economic interests – united through our diversity.

We look forward to a large attendance in the name of the self-determined women of our country.