WEAREBORNFREE! Humanity Matters

Visible art by black and people of colour (BIPoC) artists


Wearebornfree! is an open platform – we welcome everyone – but we especially call out to refugees, Black people, people of colour, LGBTIQ+ people, women*, children and other marginalized groups to connect and collaborate with us

WEAREBORNFREE! is a fundamental principle to understand the true essence of being a human. Unfortunately, in the capitalistic colonial exploitative world of today, only a few of us acknowledge this fact. While a minority hold the keys of power and feels entitled to determine who is human and who isn’t, the majority of people are dehumanized.

It is crucial to recognise that blacks and people of colour (BIPoC) refuse to be dehumanized and that they retain their dignity through cultural and artistic expressions, through political activism, and through writing their stories so that they do not become invisibilized.

We recognise that over time and space marginalized people have expressed themselves in different ways such that their voices, expressions and stories have broken free through the chains of confinement. In this way, the people who have been dehumanized have regained their dignity through their expressions.

Wearebornfree Decolonial Mission Academy (WDMA) aims to create a space such that it becomes possible for people on the margins to express themselves in a multitude of ways and thus share their various journeys with people who may or may not have had similar experiences.

Wearebornfree Decolonial Mission Academy (WDMA) is happy to curate an Art Day on 20th August @ Al Berlin from 12 noon onwards. Our aim is to fight against European hegemony as well as to celebrate, display, and make visible art by black and people of colour (BIPoC). The programme will include food art, comedy, dance, drums, poetry performances, displays, music, DJ set and open mike reflections by the performers.

Curated by Bino Byansi, Moro Yapha and Fazila Bhimji. We look forward to seeing you!


12:00-16:00 Decolonizing Media: Wearebornfree Radio on Air

16:00-20:00 Open Art & Performance

20:00-22:00 Food & Networking

22:00-03:00 DJ: Hip-Hop, Reggae, Trap, Afro Beats, R&B