Unsere Stimme Zählt

Our Vote Counts – for Participation and Anti-Racism. The non-party and non-demoninational German-Arabic campaign for the 2021 elections.


The initiative Unsere Stimme zählt – für Teilhabe und Antirassismus (Our vote counts – for participation and anti-racism) has set itself the goal of making and campaigning for non-party and non-demoninational German-Arabic election demands to the election of the Bundestag and the twelve local parliaments in Berlin on 26th September 2021.

We have come together to demand a life of dignity for future generations, a world without racism with fair chances for all and peace. We express pressure on politics with our social media campaign, election criteria and public meetings.

We campaign against every for of racism, especially anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and antisemitic discrimination on institutional and social level. We demand equal participation in social life and wealth for all people.

Our demands:

  • Support people with foreign roots in the public sector (e.g. through anonymous job applications)
  • Remove the neutrality law
  • Arabic lessons in public schools
  • Introduction of Arabic history and culture and anti-colonialism as school subjects
  • Independent anti-discrimination officers
  • Recognition of Muslim religious communities as public corporations
  • And end to stigmatisation of mosques
  • Defend and observe human rights and international law
  • Punish and pursue war crimes throughout the world through the International Court of Justice
  • Put an end to Palestinian misery. Germany must play a constructive role towards ending the occupation based on UN resolutions
  • No weapons in war zoners
  • Effective measures to defend the climate
  • Progressive immigration politics (eg reuniting families)
  • Voting rights for all people who have lived here for a long time, at the very least on a local level.