Summer Camp is this week-end

Last minute information about Summer Camp week-end. You still have time to register


Want to meet non-German political activists? Want to discuss how we can change the world?

Then you’re warmly invited to the LINKE Internationals Summer Camp. This week-end in the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf (similar to a youth hostel).

Registration and accommodation are free. And you get the following:

  • Speakers from India, Turkey and Western Sahara
  • Introduction to campaigns like Deutsche Wohnen & Co Enteignen, Migrantifa and the Jewish Bund
  • Workshops on how can socialism be fun (with the Right2TheCity cheerleaders) and how can parents be involved in politics?
  • Discussion with candidates at the coming elections

The full programme is here. Register by filling in this survey.

For last-minute information, the following information will appear in this week’s weekly Newsletter from theleftberlin. If you don’t get the Newsletter already, you can subscribe by sending a mail to

After all the waiting, Summer Camp starts tomorrow (hence the Newsletter coming out a day early). We’ll be meeting at 12.45 on the Northbound platform (direction Wittenau) of the U8 at Alexanderplatz. For people who want to stay in Berlin to attend the unteilbar demo (more later), you need to get the U-Bahn to Wittenau (S-Bahns are on strike this week-end) and then the 220 bus to Almutstraße. From Almutstraße it’s a 10 minute walk to the Naturfreundehaus Hermsdorf, Seebadstraße 27.

We’ve spent enough previous Newsletters telling you what you can expect, and you can see a full programme here. Here’s a little practical information:

  • All the beds are now booked, but there are some sofas and camp beds. If you want to stay overnight, best bring a sleeping bag – even if you have a bed, as bedding costs extra.
  • Please take a Covid test before coming, even if you have been vaccinated. A self-test is ok.
  • Everything is free, but we will have a whipround to pay for the food. Drinks will be sold Saturday evening at a reasonable price.
  • If you tried to register on Monday or Tuesday, the survey software wasn’t working. Don’t worry, there are still places if you just turn up, but it would help us know how much food we need if you fill in the survey again.

As mentioned already, tomorrow also sees the great unteilbar demo – for a society of justice and solidarity. Summer Camp was booked months ago, hence the clash. But you can go to the unteilbar demo – meet at the Straße des 17 Juni at 1pm, and come along to Summer Camp afterwards. Unteilbar is our Campaign of the Week.