For a society of solidarity and justice


On September 4th the #unteilbar demo will take place in Berlin, three weeks ahead of the German elections. We will be taking to the streets in a stand against racism and in a show of solidarity for social justice.

#unteilbar started in Berlin but has become an important rallying point throughout Germany. We are organized into anti-racist groups, the hospital and care movement, tenant initiatives, human rights organizations, anti-fascist groups, trade unions, charitable organizations, feminist and queer groups, the anti-war and the climate movement. Our broad alliance includes more than 300 organizations which signed our call-to-action. In 2018 we went ahead with our first #unteilbar rally in Berlin and brought 242,000 people from diverse political backgrounds together.

Solidarity – now more than ever

Social problems and injustices have dramatically gotten more acute in the last year. More and more people live in poverty or fear losing their livelihoods. At the same time, the consequences of climate change are becoming more and more dangerous. While hatred and racism become more and more socially acceptable, people are dying every day on the EU’s borders.

Now is the time to take to take to the streets and show that we are #unteilbar #indivisble

  • We demand decent working and living conditions and demand that education, healthcare and housing not be left to the market!
  • The rich should pay for the pandemic and accompanying crisis!
  • We fight for an antiracist and inclusive society, that makes society fair for all genders, in which everyone can participate and that is there for everyone!
  • We insist on forceful action against the climate crisis and on worldwide just access to Covid-19 vaccines.
  • We are for the right to refuge and asylm—Human rights are #unteilbar #indivisible

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