Stolen Cameras Fundraiser

Fundraiser for cameras to Sahrawi citizen journalists


Join us in supporting a people that never gets any attention in the media and help them get the tools to share their story. Your donation will make an impact whether you donate a lot or a little. Anything helps. Thank you for your support. Learn about the campaign and the Sahrawis below.

We are biking 48,000km and fundraising for cameras to Sahrawi citizen journalists. Why is this needed? Sahrawi journalists are the only ones that document human rights violations in occupied Western Sahara. The occupying Moroccan regime does not allow foreign journalists or human rights organizations entry to the occupied territories. This has led to Western Sahara being one of the most underreported areas in the world. The brave Sahrawis who document the human rights violations often get their cameras stolen and are harassed by the Moroccan authorities.

Western Sahara is Africa’s last colony. Morocco has been occupying Western Sahara since 1975. The indigenous people of Western Sahara, the Sahrawis, are being subjected to grave human rights violations on a regular basis. They are beaten, imprisoned and tortured when they demonstrate peacefully. They face a litany of abuses. Many who demonstrate are women who have been sexually assaulted by the Moroccan police and military without any way to punish their raper.

This is why we need this campaign and your support. Almost no one has heard about the daily violations against the Sahrawi people. The ongoing arrests, beatings, torture and rape of the indigenous Sahrawi people will only be known if the Sahrawi journalists have access to camera equipment so they can document it and share it with the outside world. Without proper documentation these violations will continue in the dark.

We, who live in freedom from oppression, need to support those that fight for theirs. By donating to this fundraiser you are supplying Sahrawi citizen journalists with camera equipment so that they can continue their important work documenting human rights violations and help open the world’s eyes to one of the last colonies still existing today.

If you have a camera you don’t need or are working in an organisation that has a supply, you can also donate that. Just contact Solisarity Rising on social media or the e-mail address below.

This campaign is initiated by Solidarity Rising and all proceeds will go to Sahrawi citizen journalists. For any inquiries contact us at,

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