Solidarisch geht Anders

Out of the crisis and not back


Join us on Sunday, 24th October 2021, as we all take the streets for a Just Transition! Meet us at the march, starting 11.30 am in Berlin’s Regierungsviertel!

October 2021: all eyes on Berlin. Decisions with major implications for Germany and the world are expected from the coalition negotiations. As huge wildfires burn and rivers sweep up entire houses, as people are deported or left behind in war zones, whilst pensioners rummage through rubbish looking for returnable bottles and small-scale farms die out, whilst hunger grows across the world, as nursing staff on wards push unlimited overtime and more and more people are wondering how to pay the rent – whilst these intolerable conditions persist, the next four years spell political controversy.

During the election campaign, it became clear that none of the possible coalitions would provide the necessary answers to the global questions of justice of our time. And there is a risk that the parties will water down their demands. This cannot happen!

What we want!

In view of the current policy crisis and worsening global inequality, we are taking to the streets for a Just Transition. We urge: stop the politics of destruction and injustice! End the economic system that places profits over the protection of livelihoods. We need politics and economics for all people: for global social justice, solidarity-based health, material security and decent work, for climate justice, for social and ecological agriculture, against all forms of human and
group-based discrimination.

We want an effective freeze on rents and the redistribution of large assets and incomes. We demand equal rights for all people regardless of their passport, safe escape routes, and global freedom of movement. We want food security for all. This requires fair access to land and farms, instead of displacement by large corporations. We stand for vaccines for all people worldwide, an end to the care crisis and push for a health care system based on solidarity, not for profit! We are concerned with shorter working hours and a fair distribution of care work. We are taking to the streets for global climate justice, an end to fossil fuel industries, and reparations payments for centuries of colonial exploitation. No more money for polluters, but for people.

By taking the streets, we can generate collective pressure to affect political change. So join us: through solidarity, there’s another way – justice now!

While the media are commenting on the coalition negotiations as if it were a sports tournament, it is up to us to show which crises really need to be negotiated! This is why we are joining a broad civil society alliance as part of the Gerechtigkeit Jetzt! action days framework (20th-29th October) on October 24th, 2021 in Berlin! Whilst the future is under threat to become a mere bargaining chip in the cabinet formation, we are taking our protest to the places of decision and destruction to show that we will not allow ourselves to be played off against each other. A Just Transition is needed – justice now!

Who’s organising the march?

We are many! From Fridays for Future to Oxfam, from Aktionsgemeinschaft Solidarische Welt to Nietenwahnsinn Stoppen!, from We’ll come United to Seebrücke. Compared to the world we are currently heading towards, we believe in a world that is a better place with more solidarity for everyone! Join us with your speeches and banners and your presence! Let us be loud and active in large numbers for a future in solidarity for all!