Rroma Informations Centrum

Berliner Rroma-Self-organisation and platform for cultural activities and political intervention.


The Rroma Informations Centrum e.V. was formed in August 2011. Since then it offers a platform for cultural activities and political interventions for self-empowerment and against discrimination and marginalisation of Rroma in Berlin.

Our main projects are the Rroma-Info-Radio, and Gestern mit den Augen von Heute sehen (see yesterday through today’s eyes), in which young people develop and carry out guided tours about the persecution of Roma and Sinti in National Socialism.

Our membership consists of Rroma and non-Rroma and is a Rroma self-organisation. Until today, our concerns are predominantly addressed from the perspective of non-Rroma. Catchwords like “not integrable”, “uneducated” and “unprofessional” predominate, which become self-fulfilling prophesies.

We want to counterpose autonomous work of our group against this machinery and politics, which are decided from outside. For us, self organisation means that organisational positions like the executive board or the management as well as project management positions should be occupied by Rroma experts.

The Rroma members are composed of professions like education, social pedagogy, art and culture who deal with topics affecting Rroma. Our understanding of action includes quality and solidarity as basic values.

We want to tell and shape our stories ourselves. The Rroma Informations Centrum e.V. offers a platform for Rroma activists to make our voices audible and to demonstrate the diversity of Rroma perspectives on subjects like politics, education, art and culture, and to contribute towards macrosocial reflection.