Rechtsextremismus stoppen

Stop Right-Wing Extremism – Defend Democracy


With demonstrations from 23 May to 8 June 2024 across the country

We stand for a democratic, open, and diverse society, for peace and freedom, diversity and human rights, the preservation of human dignity, economic security, and social justice. All of this is attacked by the AfD and other right-wing extremists.
As a confident society, we do not stand idly by. We unite across the full democratic spectrum against them. Just before the European and local elections in nine federal states on 9 June, we take to the streets against the extreme right. We call on our fellow citizens: Join us in sending a strong message against racism and right-wing extremists. Go vote and choose democracy!

We won’t let democracy in Europe be destroyed!

The right-wing extremists want to raise the borders within Europe again. But a Europe of national egotisms endangers freedom and prosperity. We defend a united Europe – as the historical consequence of eternal wars and fascism.
We want to boldly develop the EU further: Our Europe sets ambitious social and environmental standards, which nation-states would never dare to set on their own. It is based on future investments and consistent climate policy. And it allows all people to participate socially, ti defends human rights, and it protects the persecuted.

We are a resilient democracy!

People with a migration background, other marginalized groups, and all who do not fit into their exclusive worldview are particularly threatened by the rise of the AfD. With a climate of fear, right-wing extremists want to suppress any contradiction. All democratic parties must now make it clear that they do not seek majorities with such forces. We must prevent victories of the right-wing extremists in the local elections and their participation in government at the state level!

Hope and confidence are back!

The wave of protests against the AfD that has swept our country encourages us. Now we want to ensure that the extreme right also loses at the ballot box. Before the local and European elections, we will take to the streets in hundreds of places from 23 May. The climax of the demonstrations is Saturday, 8 June. Be there!

Demonstration in Berlin: Saturday 8th June 2pm, Siegessäule