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Photo Gallery - 15 February 2020 against the AfD in Erfurt

18 000 demonstrated on February 15 on the streets of Erfurt to protest the dangerous political games of FDP and CDU with AfD and declare that there is no space for Nazis, in the government and everywhere else. After a rally at Dom Square, the demo walked through the central streets of the city up to the Trade Union House on Yuri Gagarin Street.

The turnout was colourful and came mostly from the region, with a few delegations from other cities. The contribution of trade unions (DGB, GWE, IG Metall and many other smaller local grassroots organizations) was decisive. There were also left parties, NGOs and Muslim groups.

It was an immediate and encouraging act of resistance to the plan of exonerating and normalizing the far-right and the Nazis.

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