POC Art Collective

POC Artists working in Berlin


“The relation between what we see and what we know is never settled.” John Berger

POC Art is an art collective based in Berlin consisting of artists and curators who emphasize the art of People of Color. POC Art aims at organizing cultural events such as film screenings, concerts, talks, and workshops.

On Tuesday, 14th February, POC Art is organising a showing of 3 short films from Palestine. (Films are in Arabic with English subtitles)


Dir. Ibrahim Handal, Palestine, 2020, 15 min.
While reflecting on the present, a young Palestinian recalls his childhood memories of the military invasion and siege of Bethlehem in 2001 during the second Intifada. By trying to understand how his parents led him through those difficult times, he hopes to find the strength and support he needs to cope with the present. “Bethlehem 2001”, which premiered in Locarno Film Festival, is a personal cinematic exploration to understand childhood trauma and its effects it can have on later life.

BY THE SEA (A’lbahr)
Dir. Wisam Al Jafari, Palestine, 2021, 12 min.
Struggling with both the occupation and the pandemic, a woman left alone with her son insists on having a semblance of normalcy by baking a cake to mark a special occasion. This film is an original take on a woman’s fight to keep her family together under unusual circumstances and against all odds.

Dir. Wisam Al Jafari, Palestine, 2019, 15 min.
For Ahmad and Khaled, music provides a welcome escape from the chaos and hectic atmosphere of the refugee camp where they live. Through a music competition, they hope to gain some fame. But where can they record their demo undisturbed? Ambience had its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival’s Cinéfondation and shared the 3rd prize.

Wisam Al Jafaris, director of By the Sea and Ambience, will be attending the Event, Wisam Al Jafari was born in Dheisheh Camp in Bethlehem. He has a BA in Film Production from Dar Al Kalima University College.

The Event will take place in the Apartment Project Berlin, Hertzbergstr 13