Muslim Futures

Creating an empowering and Disruptive space


Who thinks about the future and who doesn’t?

Who is offered chances and spaces to use the challenging experiences of today and the many fights in the here and now to imagine a tomorrow that is more just, inclusive, and empowering?

How would it be if there were such a space that allowed Muslims to draw the future, to negotiate, and to target what is worth fighting for today?

To draw futures, and the many desirable nuances from them, which focus on the many-faceted Muslim lives and on Muslims, which do not homogenise and categorise them in a racist manner, which do not criminalise Muslims and declare them to be an “Other.”

How would it be if we called this space “Muslim Futures?”

Inspired by the work on Afro-Futurism, Muslim Futures wants to connect with this tradition and to focus on specific Muslim intersectional futures. The anti-racist and decolonial project uses the methods of Critical Futures Thinking and makes it fruitful for political and artistic education work.

Muslim Futures is in many ways and areas a disruptive practice – in political education work, in Futures Thinking, and around anti-Muslim hegemonic thinking and acting.

Come and enter the world of Muslim Futures to radically imagine more just and inclusive futures with us. From the 18th until the 21st of January, you’ll find us in the ACUD Gallery and Club. Please visit the website and our social media (superrrnetwork) for more details on the programme!

Muslim Futures
Thursday 18.1 – Sunday 21.1 – ACUD Galerie + ACUD Club
Thursday 18.1, 19H