Mass protests against the reform package of Javier Milei’s right-wing populist government in Argentina

Statement by the asamblea en solidaridad con argentina


Since last Tuesday the Argentine parliament has been deliberating over a controversial law package as thousands of demonstrators protested before the house of representatives, sometimes being confronted with massive police violence.The press union in Buenos Aires and other local media outlets report more than 25 instances of Journalists injured by the police through rubber bullets, water cannons, and an unknown, extremely aggressive irritant spray.

The “Anti-Demonstration Protocol” introduced by Minister of Social Security Patricia Bullrich means that by declaration of a state of emergency, rights and guarantees enshrined in the constitution are suspended, vastly restricting the legitimate right to protest and freedom of expression. With the help of special security technologies, lists were compiled of activists and social security benefit recipients were compiled who must contend with sanctions should they partake in demonstrations.

Due to these circumstances, yesterday left-wing and Peronist representatives demanded the session be cancelled. The request was not granted and the debate resumed on Friday afternoon. Should a majority in parliament vote for the reform package, the senate must also agree. Particularly contentious points which pose an exceptional risk to democracy are the privatisation of more than 30 public companies and the transfer of special powers to the government in case of economic crisis.

In December of last year, the Assembly for Solidarity with Argentina consisting of activists from Bloque Latinoamericano and over 50 independent Argentine citizens was launched in Berlin. In cooperation with similar initiatives in six european cities they created the international network ‘Argentinia no Se Vende’ (Argentinia is Not for Sale), which contributes to reporting on the danger in Europe.

This statement originally appeared in Spanish. Translation: Shav MacKay. Reproduced with permission