Organising socialists with “migration background”


LINKS*KANAX is a national network of LINKE members with a refugee or migration history, and their friends, with the aim of making the migrant-progressive voice more visible and audible inside and outside the party DIE LINKE.

The network is open to all those with a refugee or migration background or are affected by racism, and understand themselves as part of the emancipatory left, wanting to fight capitalism, racism and post-colonial power relations and for the fundamental social alternative of democratic socialism and global freedom of movement.

We are a strong part of movements of solidarity and want to become stronger, with the aim of making the party a real part of the movement. This includes being an active part of the anti-racist,¬†climate, tenants’ and workers’ movements, and helping to shape these movements. In times of a massive shift to the right, the social split and sealing off of Europe, DIE LINKE must be a decisive force which, together with mobilisations by civil society, provides hope from the left.

We want to intervene in political and social discourse, which is influenced by a dangerous shift to the right. We also want to intervene in discourse within the party, which has unfoftunately recently been influenced by ideas voiced by some comrades who are critical of migration and question long-standing positions like “open borders for all people”. But migration is neither an object nor a plaything of individual countries. Migration is us!