Justice Collective

Challenging policing, punishment and prisons


Justice Collective is a Berlin-based project that acts:

  • To reveal how governments punish, including in ways that target people experiencing poverty and inequality, people of racialized groups, and people making a life for themselves in new places;
  • To build and connect international and internationalist movements — because while local contexts may differ, people in different places confront similar causes of carcerality; and;
  • To end societies’ increasing reliance on policing, punishment, and prisons. To build communities that choose justice over jails; care over carcerality.

Justice Collective is a project coordinated by Mitali Nagrecha, and is the result of collective work with people and initiatives across Europe. Mitali is a lawyer and advocate originally from the US. You can learn more here.

Tools: Education, Organising, Action

Topics: Punishment & Inequality, Punishment & Racism, Punishment in Europe

Contact us at: info@justice-collective.org