India Justice Project

Break the Silence. Defend Human Rights. Defend Democracy


The India Justice Project was founded out of concern for the dismantling of democracy, persecution of activists and civil society actors as well as human rights violations in contemporary India and Kashmir since BJP, a  Hindu right wing political party came to power in 2014.

Communities such as Muslims, Dalits and Adivasi as well as voices of dissent and democracy that are resisting the current government’s majoritarian, regressive politics of right wing Hindu nationalism are more and more targeted and subjected to violence and arrests.

The governments of the western countries continue to appease the Modi government because of their geopolitical and economic interests while remaining silent over the degrading human rights violations. Germany, as one of the most influential members of the EU, is no exception.

Unfortunately, the situation in India is largely absent from the public and media discourse in Europe. To this end, we seek to raise awareness about the situation in India and question the behavior of the German government, German media and international community at large, towards the government of India.

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Book Presentation

On Friday 9th June, together with the Berlin LINKE Internationals and Hopscotch Reading Rooms, the India Justice Project ist organising a Book Presentation with Azad Essa, Senior Reporter at Middle East Eye. Azad will be introducing his new book Hostile Homelands: The New Alliance Between India and Israel.

The Event will be taking place in the Hopscotch Reading Rooms building in Wedding – Gerichtstrasse 45. Everyone is invited to join the discussion.