Bündnis Neukölln

Together for democracy, respect and diversity


For years, civil society in Neukölln has been rocked by a series of right wing attacks. These attacks focus on people from Neukölln who are viewed as migrants, and on people who are politically active for a diverse and democratic society. The people who make Neukölln what it is, who every day defend democratic and peaceful cohabitation in our district are made to feel fear and horror. The long-term failure of police investigations into the acts has led to anger and incomprehension among those affected any many people who live in Neukölln.

The Bündnis Neukölln – Together for democracy, respect and diversity is a platform of information and action from engaged people of Neukölln, who see themselves as being together against exclusion and racism. The alliance consists of a broad network of civil organisations. As well as many engaged individuals, trade unions, social organisations, parties, churches and anti-fascist initiatives are all part of the group.

For more than a decade we have fought against the right-wing threat with diverse activities and meetings. As well as numerous demonstrations and rallies – like the traditional rally on the International Day against Racism on 21st March at the Rudower Spinne – in non-pandemic times we organise among other things public meetings, talks and “cleaning strolls” against Nazi propaganda. Here we work actively together with the victims of right-wing attacks, show our solidarity, and support their demands with our actions and public outreach.

We always welcome new supporters! As well as our monthly meeting there are regular meetings of the action group “Aufstehen gegen Rassismus” ad well as the team which organises the “Offenes Neukölln” festival. Our working group “house hunting” is fighting for living space for refugees. Interested people are always welcome.

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