Sir Keir Starmer can do 50 Push-ups

Keir Starmer can do 50 push-ups [1]. Keir Starmer has a floppy haircut and a reassuringly droning voice. Keir Starmer is a grown up politician. Keir Starmer wears a forensic blue suit. Keir Starmer is a knight so if you want a dragon slaying he’s probably your man (though I’d likely be on the side […]

Dominic Scummings

Dominic Cummings. Typing the name causes an involuntary shiver of disgust. Cummings is currently the Chief Adviser to UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson. Cummings was also the campaign director of the successful Vote Leave (pro-Brexit) campaign, and a special adviser to Michael Gove between 2007 and 2014. Some credentials. Despite often portraying himself – as […]