National Association of Italian Partisans – Associazione Nazionale Partigiani d’Italia


After its establishment in 1944, ANPI’s mission has been to foster the values of democracy, freedom and peace that had inspired the antifascist Resistance. ANPI is open to all antifascists with no distinction of nationality and counts over 130000 members. ANPI Berlin-Brandenburg was founded in 2018 and since then has been promoting these same values in education, arts and politics. We have a standing partnership with the VVN-BdA.

The Resistance in Italy played a crucial role in the military defeat of nazi Germany, which had deployed in the occupation up to eight divisions of the Wehrmacht. The Resistance inspired the drafting, in 1947, of a strongly antifascist Constitution based on the values of democracy and social justice.

In the past year, the current political situation both in Italy and abroad has pushed even more people to become members of ANPI. On April 25th Italy celebrates its Liberation from nazifascism. This year we will meet on Sunday 23 April at Kolle 307 to enjoy performance, music, food and each other’s company in the spirit of antifascism.