Anmeldung für Alle

Registration for everyone


The Anmeldung affects our lives as migrants in a very tangible way. Not having it excludes us from basic rights:

  • It is not possible to open a bank account or a receive Steuer ID (necessary for access to the labor market).
  • The Anmendung is usually required to obtain a visa or to renew it.
  • We also cannot have health insurance or receive public benefits.


The commodification of housing in Berlin affects everyone, but especially migrants. In addition to real estate speculation and rising prices and the resulting competition, restrictions such as “Keine Anmeldung möglich” lead to a vicious circle. Without Anmeldung, there is no work; without work, there is no housing to get an Anmeldung. For many migrants, the vicious circle of the Anmeldung often leads to exclusion from basic rights and services that are essential for a decent life.


  • We demand universal Anmeldung for all Berliners.
  • We demand the decriminalization of acts of solidarity related to Anmeldung.
  • We demand a solution to the housing crisis as well as to the problem of the Anmeldung.


That is why we are launching the campaign AfA – Anmeldung für Alle! to bring about a change in the legislation and/or practice of registration. We would like to invite you to be part of this campaign, which focuses on migrants as self-determined political actors in the city, so that our rights are no longer an afterthought!

  • If you would like to become actively involved in the campaign, please email us at We invite you to spread the word about the campaign on your social media channels and to attend future meetings and activities!


Anmeldung für Alle is organising an Event to kick off the campaign in the Grüner Salon in the Volksbühne on Rosa Luxemburg Platz. The Event starts at 7pm on Tuesday, 5th December. Please come along and support the campaign.