For a left-wing solution to the Covid crisis


2,75 million people have so far died from Covid-19. In many countries a third wave of the pandemic is rolling, incidences are rising, driven by more contagious and more dangerous mutations. At the same time, vaccinations progress far too slowly to provide an effective counterforce. Yet governments still stick to failed anti-pandemic strategies. With some shortsighted lobbyists campaigning heavily against measures intended to reduce spread, factories, offices, schools and stores are kept open at any cost, including health.

The Zero Covid strategy offers a perspective for a way out of the pandemic. By bringing down case numbers as rapidly as possible in a joint effort based on solidarity and sustaining this success, we could avoid thousands more deaths, prevent many infections and subsequent suffering from long covid or other permanent damage.

#ZeroCovid is calling for a Europe-wide shutdown with the aim of pushing the new infections down to zero, so that we can overcome the pandemic in a sustainable fashion. This is the only way that we can quickly restore personal, cultural and political liberties and activities, and fight psychological symptoms of fatigue.

The economy should be shut down as much as possible, with a comprehensive rescue package for all. This can be financed by special levies on corporate profits and very high wealth. The call of the campaign #ZeroCovid has already been signed by more that 100,000 people in Germany since 14th January 2021.

On the Day Of Action, Zero Covid groups from around the world will make their voices heard. We would be very happy if you participate in this day with your own organizations, actions, and slogans. The actions can take place on- or offline. Some example include:

  • Rallies in front of central political actors (e.g. federal or state ministries for health, education, labor, social affairs)

  • Marking the mentioned actors, e.g. by projecting slogans/graphics on their facades

  • Flash mobs, demonstrations and other offline actions

  • Disseminating the posters, online, or on walls, signs, etc.

  • Online postings/mass mailings to specific state or federal politicians, etc.-

Our ZeroCovid Campaign will simultaneously host an online demonstration with international participants on that day, and we offer and would love to give additional visibility to your local actions during this event, as well as on all our social media and other channels.

If you would like to speak during our online event, live stream from your local event, or send us photos, videos, and/or texts to be presented there, please contact us at