Women*, Life, Freedom Collective

Autonomous Feminist Grassroot Supporting Jina’s Revolution


The transnational collective Women*, Life, Freedom is a group of feminists, independent citizens, artists, and activists from the diaspora with an intersectional vision. As a grassroots movement, we want to unmask racist, ethnic, religious, sexual, and gender-specific oppression and class discrimination, and to curb them through educational work.

The collective tries to uncover and fight the crimes that have been sustained for decades and are still growing – the corruption, the cronyism and the destruction of the environment. These are crimes that the Iranian dictatorship has established with violence on the back of the life and suffering of the people who live in Iran. We see our mission as supporting and strengthening the resistance in Iran, establishing transnational unity and solidarity.

From 27-29 October, the Women*, Life, Freedom Collective is holding the conference How to Revolution: A Conference on Self Organising in Berlin.

One year has passed since the murder of Jina Amini and the uprising of the people in the name of Jin* Jiyan Azadî. Today we have reached a critical point where we need to reflect and ask ourselves: how do we want to organise ourselves further?

What have we achieved, what has worked and where should we change our strategy? What kind of protests have had an impact? How did we work together and how did we deal with conflicts and weaknesses? How can we strengthen transnational solidarity, fight across borders, mobilise people and achieve our goal – revolution?

Together with other grassroots, movements and collectives around the world, we’d like to invite you to come together to discuss and share our experiences: through participatory exchange we want to learn from each other, grow together and develop new strategies together.

Speakers and initiatives joining us:

  • Ruth Wilson Gilmore (prison abolitionist scholar and organiser)
  • Meysam Al-Mehdi (Labour Organiser)
  • Krankenhausbewegung
  • Interventionistische Linke
  • Kjaar
  • Afgactivist Collective
  • CENÎ – Kurdisches Frauenbüro für Frieden (Kurdish Women’s Office for Peace)
  • Staub zu Glitzer (Dust to Glitter)
  • Bewegungschule (Movement School)
  • European Alternative
  • Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin (Latin American Block Berlin)
  • Mothers of Khavaran
  • AbanFamilies
  • Je-Cocreation

and many other groups and collectives. The conference is independent and will be financed on a donation basis to cover its own costs.

The conference is free and open to everyone. To secure your place, please register at this address.

We are setting up a solidarity fund to assist with travel and accommodation expenses for our guests. If you require financial or personal support to attend the conference in Berlin, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

The program will offer simultaneous translation in multiple languages. Please let us know which language(s) you require simultaneous translation for.