Wolt Protest

Wolt Owes us Money and Rights


Dear Wolt, stop breaking the law and pay workers now!

The delivery riders at Wolt and Wolt fleet are outraged that for 6 months you have not paid any wages to more than 100 of us. Countless Wolt Fleet workers continue to receive hourly wages below the minimum wage of €12. Directly hired riders don’t receive enough hours according to the contract.

We demand that Wolt:

  • immediately pay back all the Wolt Fleet riders whose wages were stolen. In full and with interest.
  • provide at least the minimum contractual hours to directly  hired Wolt riders.


Dear Wolt workers

  • We will gather hundreds of signatures from Wolt riders
  • Your name will NEVER be revealed to Wolt, only your signature
  • The name and phone number is for us workers to keep in contact.

Why make a petition?

  • This is the only way to pressure Wolt into taking us seriously. They’re more scared of us acting collectively than they are of paying the workers their stolen wages. It’s cheaper for them than the media finding out!
  • On that note, the media will pay attention if they see that hundreds of workers have signed and stood next to a photo. This will raise public awareness.

Does it work?

  • Seeing examples helps you believe it! Hundreds of workers in similar photos have signed their petitions, showed them to management and the media, and were able to win their demands. This includes workers here in Berlin.

Next steps

  • We will invite you to take a photo next to the petition.
  • You can cover your face with a helmet to stay anonymous if you wish.
  • Bring your Wolt bag!


Dear Supporters – Join the Protest on Monday 19th June

Wolt workers are staging a protest on Monday 19th June at Kottbusser Tor. Over 100 workers are still without pay since six months! 🤬 This will be a standing protest will be at Kotti outside Rossmann. The purpose is to get media attention for workers’ rights. It will create pressure before Emre’s case hearing.

We want to  show Wolt that we are organising, not just mobilising, and to demand payment of stolen wages now.

Please wear a blue t-shirt (any shade of blue works!). Everyone who has a Wolt bike should bring it and park it by the protest.

If you don’t want to be photographed with your face, wear an FFP2 mask. Free masks (with slogans) will be available to anyone who needs them.

Food will be provided by Kotti and Ko at the Gecekonda at Kotbusser Tor. Theater X will have a performance at the end of the protest.