Wir haben es Satt

Demonstrating against Agribusiness


Wir haben es Satt! is an alliance of over 60 organisations. It organizes a demonstration against Agribusiness every January in Berlin at the opening of the world’s largest argriculture fair, the “Grüne Woche”.

The demonstration has been organised by farmers, engaged youth and critical citizens since 2001. In super election year, Wir haben es Satt! is confronting the current government with the following demands:

  • Stop the perishing of farms – support farmers in conversion efforts towards sustainability!

  • No more animal factories – support of corresponding reconstruction of stables & reduction of numbers of animals

  • Fight climate crisis – reduce consumption of meat & protect healthy soil!

  • Finally exit pesticide use & no more genetic engineering – protect health and insects!

  • EU-Mercosur deal in the garbage can – for human rights, against free trade adreements!

Because of Covid-19, this year’s will take place largely online. Organisers ask you to do the following the support the demonstration:

Stay at home and participate in the direct action footprint, our protest from afar. On 16 January we will bring your footprints for the agricultural turnaround to the Federal Chancellery. That’s how we will stand up for a fundamental change of agricultural and nutrition policies. Let’s together kick off the agricultural turnaround!

It’s super easy to participate:

  1. Step on a slip of paper with your foot or shoe, dipped in colour

  2. Add your demands

  3. Share your picture in social media under #AgrarwendeLostreten

  4. Upload you picture here

In Berlin each of your steps will be part of a giant picture put together for a sustainable agriculture and for climate justice. We will present your footsteps in front of the Federal Chancellery, and we will show that lots and lots of people stand up for sustainable agriculture – in spite of the pandemic or rather because of it.

Conventional and ecologically active farmers fight in the Wir haben es satt! alliance shoulder to shoulder with civil society against the fatal consequences of intensive industrial agriculture. Collectively, the alliance demonstrates ways for a rural agriculture which, with more defence of the environment, animals and climate, has a wide consent from the public and offers farms economic perspectives