Why Demonstrate in Berlin for Western Sahara?

Speech at the rally for Western Sahara, Brandenburger Tor, 6th November 2021. Plus Photo Gallery


Why should we demonstrate in Berlin for Western Sahara? Apart from International Solidarity and the fact that Europe is the home of colonialism.

Firstly, because Germany is a leading country in the EU. It is the EU which is responsible for the sufferings of the Sahrawi people. Spain was the original coloniser of Western Sahara, and even though it formally handed over the country to Morocco – and not to the Sahrawi people. It is still the administering power. The EU must be clear about its role in supporting and perpetuating occupation. We demand that the German government oppose the occupation of Western Sahara.

Secondly, because EU companies are profiting from the country’s natural resources. These include German companies like Heidelberg Cement. It is not a coincidence that Heidelberg Cement is also responsible for similar exploitation of the Palestinians and cooperation with the occupying Israeli government. We demand that German and European businesses stop profiting from exploitation and occupation,

Thirdly, because Germany is a member of the UN. The UN promised a referendum on independence over 30 years ago, but has still failed to act. We demand that the German government uses its influence in the UN to push for a referendum. This is the very least that the Sahrawi people deserve.

Germany, the EU, and the UN are failing to act because they are profiting from exploitation and oppression. They will only act if we force them to act. This is why we must unite our struggles in one fight.

Last week, many of us were demonstrating in Berlin against the coup in Sudan. In previous weeks, we have demonstrated for Palestine, for Kurdistan, for Egypt. These are all parts of the same struggle against the same people.

The Berlin LINKE Internationals are doing our best to link up the different international organisations in our city. Now one quarter of Berliners do not have a German passport. We have many separate struggles, but we must bring these struggles together.

This is why we call on the EU and Germany to recognise the Frente Polisario as the legitimate representatives of the Saharwi people.

This is why we say

Free, Free Palestine!

Free, Free Sudan!

Free, Free Western Sahara!

One Struggle, One Fight!

Photos: Phil Butland, Norma Lorenzo and Jaime Martinez Porro