Walk of Care

March for Health on 12th May


WALK OF CARE for Health on 12th May, 3.30pm Invalidenpark

Next Friday is the International day of health workers. The WALK if CARE is taking to the streets for good and humanitarian health.

We finally need more personnel to adequately look after people needing health care. We need and end to the logic of profit in the health system, the exploitation of health workers, and the poverty spiral of people who need health care and their dependents.

● Come and show your solidarity

●  Join in. We will build a human chain and peacefully surround the health ministry.

● Dance with us. DJs and bands will be providing for a good gathering

Loud. Colourful. Unstoppable. The WALK OF Care Berlin is a political alliance fighting for a better health system in Germany. Ist activists include health workers, midwives and physiotherapists. Come to the demo on the International day of health care.

When: 12 May, 3.30pm

Where: Invalidenpark – Brandenburger Tor

More Information: www.walkofcare.org Instagram: walkofcare. Telegram: https://t.me/walkofcare

With different actions, the Walk of Care is campaigning for dignified health care and a just health system. As well as the annual demonstration on 12 May, we will be organising Health Slams, exhibitions and parties for networking.

Health finally needs recognition of health workers. If we don’t finally act there won’t be anyone left who wants to care, while increasingly more people need this care. Let us come together in solidarity, to demonstrate loudly, to dance, and to show that a besser system is possible.