Umverteilen! Redistribute! – Demo impressions

Photographs from the November Umverteilen demo against high prices and low wages.


On November 12th, Berliners demonstrated for higher wages and lower prices. Around 7,000 people joined, according to the taz, along with organizations like Deutsche Wohnen und Co. Enteignen, Bizim Kiez, and Klimaneustart. Although the weather was sunny and the atmosphere friendly, the demands stemmed from acute issues facing many in the city. Among them were price caps for electricity, heating costs, and rent, windfall taxes on excess profits, socialization of real estate and energy companies, taxation on the rich, and free public transport.

Although no concrete changes came from the protest, it should be seen as a positive sign for Left movements in Berlin. Taz author Erik Peter wrote, “the number (of protestors) alone is a sign of life for the scene, but more important is the formulation, even rediscovery of what actually should be obvious: There is a connection between almost all emancipatory struggles, which are all too often fought for in isolation.”