Transparency – release the Minutes of the Cancellation of the Breitz Exhibition

Open Letter in support of Candice Breitz


Translated from the German. Original version here

Dear Minister Streichert-Clivot,

On March 18, 2024, a detailed statement by Candice Breitz regarding the cancellation of her exhibition at the Saarlandmuseum was published in the Saarbrücker Zeitung. Unfortunately, you have not yet commented or responded. Rumors continue to circulate in the art and culture scene. In the absence of any public discussion, people are talking behind closed doors…

We–authors, filmmaker, artists and journalists–are writing to express our concern regarding recent developments in connection with the cancellation of the exhibition. Across the press, concerns about artistic freedom and fundamental democratic values have been raised. Candice Breitz accuses you not only of putting pressure on the director of the Saarlandmuseum, Andrea Jahn (including forbidding her to give public interviews), but also of having excluded Jahn from the decision-making process regarding the cancellation of the exhibition.

These accusations, if true, are likely to undermine confidence in your leadership as Minister for Education and Culture. You yourself emphasize the need for transparency and clarification in the democratic process. We therefore suggest that, in order to facilitate this transparency, you make the relevant minutes of the meeting in which the decision to cancel Candice Breitz’s exhibition available for inspection. We believe that disclosure is necessary in order to thoroughly review the process and thus strengthen confidence in Saarland’s cultural policy and the integrity of its cultural decision-making processes.

We appeal to your responsibility as Minister of Culture to do justice to the cultural and democratic values that hold our society together. The promotion of art and culture, the preservation of freedom of expression and the transparent debate with critical voices are essential for a vibrant and open society.

With hope for a constructive debate as we anticipate your reply,

Klaus Behringer
Prof. Sung-Hyung Cho
Andreas Dury
Prof. Dr. Meinrad Maria Grewenig
Prof. Ulrike Rosenbach
Daniel Hausig
Sigrún Ólafsdóttir
Dr. Ralph Schock
Prof. Georg Winter


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