in 2020, Part One – most viewed articles, #11-#30

In the year 2020 we published a lot of articles on This is the first of a three-part series summarizing our year. Today its the 11th to 30th most viewed articles. Tomorrow we’ll list the top 10 and the day after we’ll review our year


#11 hijra, gender and sexual rights in Bangladesh

In April, Adnan Hossain wrote for us about the hijra, Bangladesh’s “third gender”.

#12 What is Cancel Culture? And does it matter?

In July, Phil Butland responded to the ongoing debate about ‘Cancel Culture’ by arguing that most – but not all – of its victims were actually profiting from the controversy.

#13 How should Marxists view the COVID-19 pandemic of 2019-2020?

In March, Hari Kumar responded to the then new outbreak of Covid-19, and tried to locate it in a Marxist understanding of the world.

#14 What are the causes of the Coronavirus?

Also in March, we published an interview with evolutionary biologist Rob Wallace who was one of the first people to provide a thought-out analysis of what was happening.

#15 The problem of Pablo Picasso

In May, Hari Kumar looked at the legacy of the painter Pablo Picasso.

#16 Ernst Nolte, the Holocaust and the AfD

In April, Pashraw Mohammed looked at the ideological continuum leading from German historian Ernst Nolte to the AfD.

#17 The dangers of ending the lockdown

In April, Jonathan Neale argued passionately against calls to end the lockdown.

#18 My feminism will always be unfinished

In March, Berlin-based Sudanese socialist Sara Abbas explained what feminism means to her.

#19 Yehudit Yinhar on unlearning Zionism

In October, we interviewed Berlin-based Israeli artist Yehudit Yinhar about the School for Unlearning Zionism, an event that she had helped organise that was dogged by false accusations of antisemitism.

#20 Spain’s lockdown is an act of solidarity

In March, Bilbao-based socialist Ana Barrena Lertxundi argued in favour of the Spanish lockdown.

#21 Jewish socialists in the UK speak out

In December, we interviewed Rob Ferguson, Lisa Halgarten, Ilan Pappe, David Rosenberg and Saira Weiner about Jeremy Corbyn, antisemitism in the UK and more.

#22 Coronavirus and community activism

In March, Jonathan Neale suggested a different way of responding to epidemics

#23 Germany has a Nazi problem

In July, we published an extended version of Duroyan Fertl’s article about Nazi infiltration into Germany’s intelligence service.

#24 The German Neutrality law – a travesty

In September, Jacinta Nandi unpicked the inherent racism in Germany’s neutrality law.

#25 View from Paris: Nightmare in France

In October, our regular French correspondent John Mullen reported on Islamophobic responses to the recent killing of a schoolteacher.

#26 Jack Charlton – the footballer who fought fascism

In July, Anna Southern remembered the anti-fascist footballer and football manager from the mining community of Northern England.

#27 Extreme right escalates violence in Portugal

In August, Fabian Figueiredo reported a new escalation of extreme right-wing violence in Portugal.

#28 Who is European? A message from the Mediterranean trench

In April, Ana Barrena Lertxundi looked at the EU plan for tackling COVID-19.

#29 The lonesome martyrdom of Jeremy Corbyn

In December, Phil Butland looked at the right-wing intrigues behind the rapid fall of Jeremy Corbyn.

#30 White Fraglity is a corporate cult

In July, Australian socialist Louise O’Shea argued that White Fragility author Robin DiAngelo has a racket to rival that of the Catholic Church.