Theater X

Political Youth Theatre in Moabit


Theater X is an alternative CommUNITY theatre in Berlin Moabit, run by young people and workers together in co-management. Theater X is run by a working group in which all areas of the theatre are represented. A producers’ collective, including the young people themselves, organises the direction, dramaturgy, technics and production,  supported by coaches. This is where young peopple learn the craft of working as self-sufficient artists – from acting to lighting and managing events. With home and guest productions, there is plenty of space for initiatives and perspectives from the neighbourhood and the different commUNITIES of Berlin and beyond. Theater X sees itself as an important young and political cultural area for Moabit and Berlin,

In the centre of Theater X’s progarmme is a critical artistic engagement of social relations from the perspective of marginalised youth. Theater X should be a place where different communities can play and meet, but can also be used as a site of production.

Theater X sees itself as an alternative democratic artistic establishment. Artistic and business processes are not separated from each other, but seen as equally important elements for the emancipatory production of art with young people. Work on the same level between the different areas of the theatre is central, in particular between the workers and young people, is the central principle. Theater X is run by a direction working group, in which all important areas of the theater – artistic, dramatic and technical – are represented.

Theater X invites you to a CommUNITY Event Yallah Klassenkampf on April 29th.

If you or your group are interested in preparing for 1st May, come to Theater X.

From 11.30 till 6pm, there’ll be a street theatre workshop with “Teatro en Movimiento Callejerx“ from Barcelona.

From 2pm till 5pm, banners will be painted and printed, and from 3pm till 5pm slogans will be prepared with the Widerklang choir.

From 5pm till 6pm, there will be a presentation of the street theatre performance with the subject class struggle and other theatre scenes.

From 6pm, there will be cooking, grilling, eating and chilling in front of Theater X, Wiclefstraße 32